Chanel West Coast Details Young Money Deal

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Close – YMCMB’s newest signee and former “Fantasy Factory” star Chanel West Coast explains how her deal with the label went down and what Li…

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will thornton says:

you getting street cred? bitch you from the burbs

will thornton says:

so you saw artists with bad music and you didn’t like it? you signed with the wackest label in the game

Kong2b says:

I can hear mannie fresh saying…… Yall gone Learn Today!!!!!!

javyaguas says:

Why does she look so different then she did on Fantasy Factory? Not nearly as cute

4zOmBiE2sLaYeR0 says:

So this is why she was on ridiculous on MTV

John Smith says:

this white ho can spit on my dick

nexta617 says:

Well she’s white in hiphop so im not expecting much

Cravingskies1 says:

Send me a pic of u so I know you’re not ugly

Frayzy Kido says:

she’s cool but she talks too much

dantdaemcee1 says:

” i basically had to watch all these other people blowing up with NOT that good quality of music” << haha cuz she makes quality music right?

Moose Ahmad says:


Jay Nigg says:

Ill pipe her down

jexboy693 says:

This is the most I’ve ever heard her talk

SuperRyder33 says:

Lol whats up with baby signing all these tax write offs, you know her album is never coming out right look at Gudda Gudda nigga grew up with wayne signed to young money has been signed to young money longer then anyother young money and has only released 3 mixtapes no albums and is just 1 of many artist who haven’t recived a royalty check from baby just like tyga

dpastrana82 says:

I bet wayne agree to sign her if rob showed him how to stand on a skateboard. Gimmick artists on a gimmick label.

DontShootYourGun says:

*sigh* another illuminati fanatic…………

jdm llovers says:

I would hit that everyday

Samir Hall says:

She is being used.i bet u in 2-3 years she’s probably gonna b with the illuminati

Stefon Goolsby says:

He just wanna fuck

MrBreezy310 says:

3 wack ass bitches that don’t deserve to get signed.

itsTheJork says:

check out Black Hippy.

getitboi89 says:

You telling me young mmoney signed this bitch over Kreayshawn, Lil debbie, AND V Nasty!?!?!? WTF?

Cre Tur says:

I remember her from Myspace.

ElDirtyTv says:

With the popularity she has, she may not need a label. The name does help if they’re putting money behind it. I think she decent.

DetectiveBlacksmith says:

she means that YM is doing exactly what BB was doing. Signing any and everybody and not promoting them or standing behind their projects with a budget

Jonathan James says:

She cute… I guess

Nick Kanu says:

Drake and Nicky lmao….Tyga gets a little bit lol

TheQScorpio Queen says:

there’s no street cred….do you know how many ppl are signed to young money that has never released an album…lol

John Jackson says:

I Like Her Charisma!

Jake watson says:

no caskey has talent he part of ymcmb

FastLife45 says:

I’m concerned for her. YMCMB and Bad Boy would be the last two labels I would ever do business with.

AllInGlory says:

cute, adorable. nice little backpack for her to carry her contract in. too bad she went from a deal with polow that allowed her to make no money, to signing to the ymcmb / cash money label.. other then wayne and birdman who gets paid?

Shaun P says:

mixtapes = street cred ?????

JamalGG says:

all i saw was her sexy legs

jahfsl says:

simply stunning! . cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . its not a joke, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. dont run away have a try now >>

Daniro D says:

fuck this hollywood bitch, next she will be wearing a red rag like wayne stupid bitch

Omniverse77 says:

Hm. ok. I like chanel. she seems like a cool chick. determined. Knows how to talk well. She’s a ‘lil cutie, nice little flow, but she just seems so bubblegum to me.

Much luck to her on whatever else she does but she’s not goin’ no where on this path, white girl rappers are just an oxymoron for now. I’m sorry.

She’s gonna go the way of Kreyshawn. She’ll have a small buzz on youtube that’ll fizz out in a couple of months and never do better than that followed by just fading out into oblivion.

alkali1919 says:

Wait…This cant be the chick from MTV, she looks waaaayyyy different.

Miro Mayne says:

Honestly her mixtape was pretty good. I really enjoyed it, she has skills and raps better than most of the dumb rappers lol

Juniversal says:

She likely will never see an album released along with 90% of other young money artist..

Xtal0 says:

Don’t know why this girl is trying to rap, but whatever.

MindzzzzzCF says:


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