Chanel West Coast – Bass in the Trunk

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Subscribe to Chanel’s channel: As seen on MTVs Fantasy Factory Song Produced by Rich Skillz Get your own “Bass in the Trunk” T-Shirt on …

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John Patrick says:

Chanel West Coast is so damn fake fake fake fake, her music is horrible and
gives me a headache ache ache ache.

RobbieSuede13 says:

So Fake!, It’s soo sad on how Ghetto she’s trying to be she’s too innocent
for this Image, and too Good for it too, Sorry i like Cute Fantasy Factory
Chanel Not Ghetto Fake Chanel 

YourBeastRoy says:

I thought in the trunk would mean more ass…. that sucks

BDSandM says:

People need to stop putting people in boxes and limiting them to one
interest or personality type.

Chanel can be sweet, cute, nice, etc. and ALSO like rap, hip hop,
confidence, and swag. She likes what she likes. The problem isn’t her or
her music, it’s you.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Chanel. I’m not a huge rap fan, but your shit
is amazing. You’re very good at what you do!

davidoff4031 says:

Worst music video of the 21st century !!!

And the song is not much better…

shannon says:

better than iggy tho

Chanel West Coast says:

Hey! Check out my new music video Bass in the Trunk 

Junior Alcantar says:

This is what young money pushing now ..

kriz celis says:

Yay, the album is gonna be awesome, this is absolutely catchy

Ribby McRib says:

Chanelllllll, you’re so pretty, why must you waste your time recording this
music? You’d be such a sexy Metal chick! 

Youngg Pharaoh says:

Why do all of you hate? You all are acting like this song is supposed to
have some serious meaning to it. It’s just music, not all songs are
supposed to make you think, this is a party song! She’s just having fun.
She’s a rapper now. Get over it. If you don’t like her music, than why
bother wasting your time and leaving the same comments that every other
hater leaves? There are hundreds of rappers to listen too, you’re not
forced to listen to Chanel. 

Vanesa Torres says:

Omg she looks lkke fergie in this music video

Linette Michelle says:

OMfG! Is that a busted ass wannabe version of FERGIE??!! LOLOL
This trick is a joke.

Rene Schrijnemakers says:

Chanel West Coast – Bass In The Trunk

Vivas' Station says:

Shes so good, I prefer Nicki, but I love her <3 Shes better than Iggy!

Xaen The Alien says:

How are you gonna act all gangster when you cry during a game of dodgeball?

Okemicco says:

In her next video her shirt will say “I’ll suck it for a dollar.”

Potty mouth and slutty attire. Stupid illuminati, chanel west coast will
never have enough fans to warrant the effort.

delia cruz says:

Everybody needs to stop hating on Chanel because she is gourgus and sweet
the only reason why people are hating on because they are jealous of her SO

Sandra Perry says:

She has a perfect sound and tone of voice for rap its just her lyrics
should have a bit more meaning to put her at the top of ymcmb honestly, she
has potential but she has to learn more to get there

Leloo Brooks says:

bruh this song go hard, y’all need to chill cause this song fire like
forreal though.
just because she acts one way on tv and differently on a rap video doesn’t
make her fake so chill your nips.

marcotoni231 says:

This is that track you only listen to when you wearing headphones cuz you
don’t want nobody to know. lol

Brian P. says:

That look she has in the beginning reminds me of Fergie

Craig k. says:

Still better than iggy 

Raynn Oechsner says:

Honestly I kinda like her music but I still think that she needs to go back
to the suburbs and get served her little teas and crumpets from her butler.
And I still think any female reapper could be a bit (a lot) better than her

Reece DMedia says:

I love this song video so much .

Tia Talyor43 says:

For everyone that’s saying this is such a horrible song…omg then why are
you here ? No ones forcing you to watch it yeah youtube has comments for
everyone to say what they think but seriously do you guys really have to
say mostly every white rapper is trying to be black just shut up please
with the stereotypes 

Jahmir Green says:

Rob did an awesome job with this video and fuck the haters she’s cool!

Nancy Wood says:

You do still have your job answering phones for Rob, right? Your friends
are BOGUS, for gassing you into believing you are a rapper… Nicki would
never throw shade on you, lol, your safe

Dean Graham says:

Bass in the trunk is f#$!ing dope as s#%t. The other trunk is fine as hell
too! ;)

aniah warren says:

chanel don’t cry over these losers i love you and want to be like you i
don’t ever listen to them i know i was good and i think they are sad that
you have all of this you are really good if you think you were good than
you were and if they don’t like it why do they watch it trust in yourself
im only 8 but i know the truth 

Stephen Hays says:

Look, it’s fine if you don’t like the song but stop saying someone is fake,
or posing if you don’t know them. Sure, she is portraying a different
persona in the video than she does on TV, but who gives a shit. If she is
doing what she likes, and isn’t hurting anyone else in the process then
it’s all good in my book. But this is America. So exercise your right to
free speech. 

Reese Tayman says:

I love her I love her songs

muffin top gaming says:

You should of kept the shot with Rob …… WHY CHANEL >:l

Natasha Brincat says:

She is a good rapper…but she needs to update her lyrics and sing about
something that matters :/

Miranda sara says:

don’t like her ? don’t bother to comment cause shes going to continue doing
her music and there is artist out there that are worse

Justin Smothermon says:

No……….. Please no………

Mbhuff Huff says:

WEST COAAAAAST …. making money lmao … if the hataz aint talking then
you fuckin up lmao ….bang bang bitch

Meriah Phillips says:

I love this song so much I don’t know why y’all hating because she’s dope

Mickey Sola says:

I kinda like it, I just gotta hear it a couple of more times and ill love

ReflexVivid says:

That instrumental is the best part of the whole song. Nice beat but wack

Cristina Saravia says:

haha wtf! this is so fuckin ridicouless, i dont like it 

Gloria Cisneros says:

u rock channel but I tell u this tell rob not to quit he make more seasons
fantacy factory

Gregory Woodward says:

I hate how you folks act like you have to be broke as all shit to be a
rapper. She actually has had adversity in her life.. Ex bf turned best
friend got murdered.

Annie Biagi says:

Beat is good, voice is shit. 

Nono Matz says:

Yo CHANEL your killing it in this video and the song is hott, almost as
hott as you.

dean moss says:

She has cool music and I see her in ridiculousness and Rob dyrdek fanasty

Bria Alyse says:

I think Chanel is cool and all but let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for Rob or
Fantasy Factory & Ridiculousness she’d be a nobody.

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