Chanel West Coast – Alcoholic

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angellajones73 says:

Nice song….not too bad

nizzotheartist says:

Nice song . But dont you dare call it HIP hop

Fábio Carvalho says:

this is i’m talkin about 🙂

feesharapper says:

I don’t care what anyone says u might like it u might not but who cares I like it

Chloe Wayland says:

Whatever . This is a great tape . The beat is sickkkkk

phaded22 says:

Absolute garbage

Andy McDonald says:

She’s hot

Emily Ryan says:

Love her

juniorfregoso1979 says:

I love me some Chanel Westcoast

Rich Nixdorf says:

Wow. Would kill all these other female “rappers” . You dont need to grow up in the hood or be a ratchet chick to kill it.

Nikki Vick says:

Love it

Ylenia DeSantis says:

❤my ffav

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