CHANEL Superstition Collection for Fall 2013

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A little haul from Chanel’s new fall collection and I LOVE it!!!! Let me know if you want to see the products in action…thank you for watching!!! instagram…

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Angel yusafzai says:

Hi Natalie,where have you purchased that lipstick from?I’ve been looking everywhere but couldn’t find it.Please let me know.Thanks.

paula8100 says:

I love Last Call too…and as far as Chanel…I started with one item. Then two. Then four, and I’m slowly working my way to a total Chanel wearer. I LOVE their stuff and at 100 yrs. old, I figure I can do that!

pinkrunsfast says:

OMG you crack me up with your pronunciations!! “Ren- dez- vos”….LMAO!!!

LipstickVanessa says:

Dying over that Chanel lipstick!!!! Is that one permanent? I love the cream blushes too and I agree that all three if those would make such a gorgeous look!! I think your French is perfect!! It is just like mine! ;). xx V.

streamlinedchic says:

Oops, posted before I was finishes typing! Have you seen the new fall Chanel nail polishes? They are SO gorgeous! Kim from StreamlinedChic

streamlinedchic says:

Yes to the tutorial

goocate says:

yesss tutorial please!!!

oshmommy says:


Saima Kiddie says:

Hi, I have this primer. I use it as a base under my foundation and it does makes a lot of difference, but I use very light foundation also Chanel. I also use it as highlighter. Also mix it with foundation to give it no makeup makeup look. I follow Lisa Eldridge so all techniques are hers.

silentsiren8866 says:

Definitely adding a request for a Chanel tutorial using the new collection!

Saima Kiddie says:

Hi Natalie, You have a good body why are you hiding behind this top. 🙂

Jessicat3196 says:

HI Natalie, what size do you have in this top? Since there is an XS available I’m thinking it may run large? Wonderful haul 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

SheerGritBeauty says:

Hi Natalie, Thank you so much for this Chanel haul. I love your unique shirt. It is so unique and comfy looking. I am totally loving the Coral, orange and pink lipstick. So beautiful for spring. Please do a look with all your gorgeous finds. Thank you for this (expensive) haul. Love from Michigan.

blushingpixie says:

Yes please do a tutorial Nat! <3

Maria Teresa says:

Hi Natalie do you recommend the illuminating powder? Is it a must have and how does it compare to the HG ones? Thanks

theluckyvix says:

Yes definitely a tutorial! Ugh you always look so amazing! Also love your necklace. If it were up to me I would want you to upload a video every day! Makes me sounds like a stalker but just true! Love your style xoxoxo

revere1951 says:

Would love to see a video using the products!

mgstephens says:

I watched Michele MLC’s haul from Chanel and had to check out yours…You both were surprised by the creme blushes!!! Loved both choices for lip colors….Thanks Natalie for sharing, you are the go to girl for scooping the new collections!!! ox~Marsha

Elle Martini says:

Yes, tutorial please! I love your videos. Because I live vicariously through them. ;). Thanks for posting.

thedeansfry says:

Tutorial please … would love to see the eye shadow on!


Is this collection out in the US? I cant find it on the website.

melissa pintone says:

Hey Natalie love this! Do you recommend to get that illuminating setting powder? I have 2 from HG and the bobbie brown brightening powder that you reviewed. Is the the Chanel similar or better? Didn’t know if it’s a must have

rldbear1 says:

Natalie wanted to let you know I got the Le Meitier De Beaute eyeshadow in Corinthian and I love it gorgeous color thanks for the recommendation. Did you try the cream blush cactus flower from Nars gorgeous color I think too. You might like that. I wish I did hauls on here my look today is Corinthian eyeshadow,,cactus flower blush,chanel monte carlo coco rouge shine and I am wearing bobbie browns illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation in Sand perfect color love it you should check it out

mely mond says:

tutorial please!!

beautytryouts says:

I’m not too sure if anyone has mentioned yet…i scrolled down on my phone in the comments & didn’t see it, but i believe the pronunciation of that chanel lippy is: Ron-Day-Vu. Hope that helps =)

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