Chanel Spring Summer 2015

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Shelby Cofrances says:

Kendall could have at least tried to look like she was having a good time
during the finale

viviana gutierrez says:

OH MY GOD!! #KendallJenner 3:29 ¡¡ SHE IS PERFECT !!! I LOVE YOU SO
MUCH ♺❤️♺♺❤️♺♺❤️♺♺❤️♺

Danilo Ramos says:


Nerissa Ortiz says:

gigi hadid is gorgeous

justin jamal says:


Joao Suarez says:

beauty = Gisele Bündchen.

Vilma Zuliani says:

Bella e elegante

Haran Mohanadas says:


Veronica Vero says:
Aaron Leonardo says:

Que babado né gente…

Forever Demi says:

Kendall Jenner is beyond awful. You can tell she is the odd one out.

Dija Oz says:

these looks were so cute!! not as put together as the resort show but so
much more interesting!!! I could’ve dealt without the faux trendy feminism
though, also who is the eritrean model who was walking alone in the black
and white dress?? ive been tryi to find her name forever

Francisca González Urrutia says:

Binx is oppening shes tha best!

mzChocoSensualHedbob says:

Lovely show and collection. The brogue shoes with the strap around the
ankles were bad-ass.

akiko torres kuroda says:


Janis Klein says:

Wunderbar Kaiser!!
Gisele <3 show them how to walk girl!!

Kendall is there only because she is a socialité and a tv show caracter
and she´s like another model; tall and skinny, but that doesn´t mean that
she is a great model like Gisele or Cara "/

Jean73865 says:

Gisele stands out in the crowd. She’s the queen.

luis arzolay says:

lindsey wixson <3

Karolina Blumiele says:


lenaeee says:

best show and good stuff! Respect Karl!

Juan Ml. Rodriguez Acosta says:

Wow! Que apero el desfile… #ChanelLover 

basma alruwaily says:
cam tre says:

Best fashion show ever! And the clothes weren’t a total disappointment like
the fall collection. 

Priscilla Anabelle says:

Binx Walton!! She’s the coolest!!

blabal blupblup says:

best show ever

Pitt Garcia says:

Gisele Gisele Gisele

merciali99 says:


cheong728 says:

Wow, Karl does it again, with a show like no other, is he prophetic ? There
are street protests in Hong Kong right now and the wars in the Middle East,
so the theme of freedom and woman’s rights is so prescient and who but
Karl could send so many models at the same time down the catwalk, the sheer
number of outfits. Wow !

sasha88ize says:

very good!!!!!

remy paraskovia says:

This beautiful 

chitty_coco says:

amazing !

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