CHANEL Spring-Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear

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More on Full film of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear show that took place on October 1st at the Grand Palais, Paris. S…

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Kaemyss says:

Not my favorite from chanel

Kaemyss says:

Russian models were trendy in the 90’s today it’s Chinese models.


Nobody knows what this music is ????? Pls let me know ~!! This music is awesome ~♥


Oh my god !!! I love this show ~♥

Felipe Tapia says:


Jack Esquivel says:

Actually it’s really annoying to me when runway footage doesn’t have the original music. And the reason why I think Jay Zs track works better is because, like the collection, it references something important in the art world in a contemporary and easy way. This is probably the most youthful Chanel collection ever, but it is right on time. Stylish young girls everywhere will be dying to get their hands on those multicolored purses…

lovingklimt says:

janelle monae is the perfect soundtrack for chanel.:)

organicheart says:

I somewhat agree. Also the music. I thought it was pretty bad. Other than that – love the clothes!

Gabriel Álvarez says:

And me… What am I seeing? Ready to wear or haute couture? Love that impression.

Kelly Brennan says:

+ Lindsey Wixson, Miranda Kerr, Cara Delvinge,.. was freja there?

Heike Nowak says:


Korjench Clara says:

did all the colours of the clothes cause your blindness ? there’re like, three of them

AITokyo says:

Love it!!!!!!!!!

Heike Nowak says:


Robertking1996 says:

I actually anticipated Chanel being very colorful. My only problems are; the terrible casting, the wigs, the runway set. The art takes away from the show, it dismisses the aura of the clothing.

tictocmm says:

I see Joan Smalls, Grace Mahary and Binx Walton. Are we looking at the same show?

Kelly Brennan says:

I normally love Karl’s shows, but this one is terrible! The collection is alright but the make-up/hair and background devalue everything.

Allegra Kelly says:

No, YOU don’t know anything fashion because this is really the worst collection I’ve ever seen presented by Chanel. It is over-the-top and too all over the place… There are so many little things scattered throughout the runway and it is confusing…

Josh Channing says:

Joan Smalls has such an amazing,strong power walk. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Josh Channing says:

♥Joan,Cara,Caroline,Sigrid,Lindsey,Miranda♥ Only CHANEL can bring my favorite supers in one show. Perfection

Elias Escobar says:

I Live Chanel And I Buy From Them A Lit, but What The Fuck Did I Just Watch

Crystel Salazar says:

Song: Q.U.E.E.N-janelle monae

TastyPlainPizza says:

There was a black girl wearing a rainbow colored dress

TastyPlainPizza says:

Q.U.E.E.N by Janelle Monae

TastyPlainPizza says:

Q.U.E.E.N by Janelle Monae

TastyPlainPizza says:

Q.U.E.E.N by Janelle Monae

Koichi Kairiyama says:

song nameee?!!!

DitherSwitch says:

Many European designers have been influenced by the Japanese designers who took over Paris in the 1980’s…they redefined fashion. Do you realize that it was the Japanese who pretty much introduced the color black into contemporary mainstream fashion? You obviously don’t know your fashion history. And looking at your comment history, it’s obvious you’re having some sort of inferiority complex because you are mad there are more Asian models than black models in this runway show.

LisaGer says:


Miggy McNally says:

Thanks Dear !

ouli1088 says:

Love it!!

DaniilAivazovsky says:

very young collection.
but i don’t like the neon and the magenta (?) colours at all…..

gracieopulanza says:

Sorry to add another comment. Is it me or are they all looking like Cara Delevingne ?

gracieopulanza says:

For me this collection is amazing. Time to talk about it

raquel garcia lopez says:

Amazing! Love it.

Claudio Callus says:

16 ppl now! lol

AnnieeLin says:

stop bullshitting because you obviously do not know anything about the fashion industry and is just being racist. lol i see on your channel you simply love to make comments and degrade the fashion industry. shame on you. for your information there was only 5 chinese models. as well as 2 korean models and 1 japanese model. no need to be jealous just because chinese people can afford chanel! go do some studying boy.

AnnieeLin says:

are you kidding! i loved it!

salfaridz says:

There should be at least half of them who can really rock the fashion while walk the runway. And I can only see less than 10 of them. Yeah, only that. Btw the collection this time is just decent enough to be on runway.

TheBallerinaSwan says:

Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr <3

tommycas021ooo says:

I really love the dress Ondria Hardin was wear. it’s so chic and elegant but fabulous! Lindsey’s dress and Esther’s dress were beautiful too. now I want Chanel backpack… Bravo Karl! <3

viktor glow says:

adore chanel

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