CHANEL Spring-Summer 2012 Haute Couture Show

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Spring-Summer 2012 Haute Couture Show Paris Soundtrack Song : M-Work Artist : Michael Nyman Label : MN Records Ltd Publisher : Chester Music Ltd./Michael Nym…

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acquadirose1 says:

They ALL have no titts!

Apollo Elevo says:

I only need two fingers

Adrian Arciniega says:

Am I the only one that thinks this is the most uninspired Chanel Couture show?

martin paluchowski says:

hmm i’m pretty sure these girls are all fantastic but maybe karl wanted them to walk this way to portray a different vibe? idk it’s all art and interpretation ! be creative 😉

martin paluchowski says:

yes the design of this runway is a plane, Karl’s show was also themed with a blue colour to resemble his cat’s (choupette) eyes!!

Victoria Parris says:

is that a plane the windows are shaped like its one

Jeremy Miller says:

now, I dont usually complain about the models walks, but these girls cannot work this runway!!

AmAWildChild says:


christinaddesign1 says:

I think the way some of these girls are walking are like guys. They have no classic stride. What is that? The clothes need to have the correct models as well… Not too impressed with the blue.

christinaddesign1 says:

 That’s what Chanel believed and it holds true today.

christinaddesign1 says:

I agree. I think these style, the puffy sleeves with the kind of material it has with it, I can’t see women in their 20’s and 30’s wearing. Looks much older. You can piece it with gorgeous accessories and it will look great.

christinaddesign1 says:

The scarves are amazing as well. Mml Coco is the best perfume. Chanel #5 is the no 1 selling one though. It’s not my favorite, but it’s okay.

christinaddesign1 says:

Hmmm not so sure I like these styles. I like others but this just didn’t do it for me. I think everyone has the Chanel jacket. That jacket looks great with a great pair of jeans, some hot boots and of course the Chanel purse. The shoulder bag. Those are great looking. Karl doesn’t do it as well, from what I’ve seen in the past ads of Chanel as they did back then. Well when Chanel was styling. The jacket seems to go best with a great deal of women in their 20- 30 ‘s to make it updated.

Brenna Kaye says:

4:25 cara!

abru pode says:

cara’s catwalk is horrible

viralmonkeymarket101 says:

nice theme

viralmonkeymarket101 says:

…and waiting for dd’s discount

millybells says:

Love it all

urbansketch94 says:

He’s an architect who designed one the newest stores for Chanel and is also one of Karl Lagerfeld’s friends.

urbansketch94 says:

There’s probably a specially paid director for music, lol.

Jean Fantuci says:

Less is more

Tirza777 says:

(what is the deal with the cop at 5:52?)

Tirza777 says:

I’m 21, and find the streamlined style extremely sophisticated and completely elegant. It’s so far superior to the typical jeans and tight fitted t shirt. This simply drips with class, whereas the other reeks of helplessness.

rob16248 says:

You’re just green 4321

DecaSpace says:

4:24 What is Cara doing? lol

DecaSpace says:

“young women usually aren’t the ones spending millions on haute couture, but rather the middle-aged and older women” ****Young women with the exception of Blair Cornelia Waldorf.

mbmanray says:

holy cow!

Xavico Delgado says:

there are to many seats behind the front, so it seems to look unconfortable

iOwnDaWorld says:

it feels like George Jetson

urbansketch94 says:

i dont see how your comment could be a reply to mine…

aeram87 says:

This collection was a dream. All of the aqua tones and from naughty to sweet over and over with the taste only Chanel has. I’m obsessed with the navy trench coat 4:51. In general, the collection explores with all sorts of shapes and flawless volumes.

aeram87 says:

Youth sells. No brainer. Youth moves fashion. Embrace it.

verdi4321 says:


Marlariem says:

Love the collection, all the outfits are perfect, the classic look with the futuristic… the misture was perfect!… but the music… don’t like it at all it’s giving me a head hack -_-”


beautiful clothes but fucking monotonous presentation

relauraba says:

so is it supposed to be stewardesses? looks like they’re in an airplane

andre wright says:

I love Karl themes to his show. Just imagine the people in the room having a airplane flight feel and all them mostly are millionaires that have money to spend on Haute Couture.

curlypapi14 says:

I’m 18 and I really love M. Lagerfeld’s work from these latest collections, especially the SS 2010 Haute Couture show. I think most of today’s young people are looking for a “freak show” instead of a fashion show. He and the late Lee Alexander McQueen managed to find a perfect balance between eccentricity and valid, timeless fashions.

Dolly Mandel says:

The show was very pretty, but was is up with that hair?? did not like it one Bit. the hairsylist need to tell Lagerfeld about that do something better really..

Osskargf says:


xBeautifulDizaster says:

Is that Baptiste Giabiconi in the grey at 11:28?

XingFuXiaoTianShi says:

This collection is so beautiful!

yucoshimasan says:

1:44 wtf! a man in leather pants and a black jacket with a police hat… GAY


Extraordinaire, collection, choix du décor, musique, un grand merci à Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld’s

WarRogers says:

I like how there’s detailing on the stockings right at the hemline.

rob16248 says:

What brought me here was the music after hearing this on Radio 3 today (10th July 12.). If I’d known it was going to be accompanied with a fashion show, I probably wouldn’t have checked it out. I’ve gotta admit, I was pretty impressed with the whole show *-*

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