CHANEL SPRING COLLECTION 2014 | Notes de Printemps

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Thank you so much for watching!! Let me know what you think! oh PS I know my right lash is coming off, I had them on all day…sorry if it’s distracting!!! h…

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Sarah Jones says:

I’m dying over all of the lippies. Need.Them.Now. 

Melissa Parada says:

Oh my lord so many gorgeous lippies!! Cant wait xoMelissa 

Rachel Haytsidt says:

I bought the bright goose lipstick, too…as well as the La Diva Velvet
Matte. And, the lip liner that matches the La Diva. The eye shadows were
too parrple to function. I can’t pull it off. You, however, will be able to
werk da parple :D

debbick1 says:

Placing my order tomorrow! Woot, woot!

LisaLisaD1 says:

LOVE that Raspberry liner and lipstick!! xoxo Lisa

MakeUpMLC says:

Ugh… don’t get me started on the Chanel again!! LOL!! I can’t wait to see
that collection in person!! 

Brianna Stanko says:

Omg you are so funny “no disregard that….” LOL! Great video!! I just wore
Initiation tonight when I went out!! Love that color!! xoxo Bri

Marla Robinson says:

love those colors for spring

JuliesBeautyDish says:

Loved this! You should definitely get the burgundy Illusion d’Ombre.

La Beauty Bag says:

The quad is gorgeous! I was on the fence until you swatched it and now I’m
in love. :)

blueribbon nanny says:

You’re killing me softly with Chanel…..I’m dead

CocoPink44 says:

I pretty sure I will getting most all of that collections. Its right up my

Patty Killion says:

OH MY CHANEL!!! All the items look absolutely gorgeous!! It’s so funny I
just watched LisalisaD’s video and Brianna had sent products to her too!!
I wish I was one of her friends!! LOL I’m in lust with all the coral
colors you showed!!

thedailydishonsyd says:

Do you own Benefits blush in Dallas? If not, I feel like you would love it!
Right up your alley

keylimekisses says:

shut the front door I am on the floor with you! those are totally my colors
wrap it up with a bow and call me happy ass I need it all :)

elle rye says:

Where did you get the chanel products from? Love want to order. 

s gazi says:

you are looking exceptionally pretty today! cant wait to get L’adoreee

Miyuki Uido says:

I love this collection coming so much!!! Nice video :)

traceofscent1 says:

why are you not placing the items down below anymore, i try to write this
down but it is hard, would you do the list for me thanks, those colors are
beautiful ,i want it all,i do not want to make you uncomfortable, i just
have a small suggestion, when the names are in french, just remember the
ille is like saying elle, and its hard to know , love u ur great

Angie Tselepi says:

I read somewhere that lilac is going to be 2014’s colour!!! So excited!!!

mopeyg says:

You were right! Pantone’s color of the year is “Radiant Orchid” aka pinky
purple lol 

Brittany Miller says:

Pantone color of the year (2014) is Radiant Orchid! So right on with purple
being the thing next year.

Rhonda D says:

Great haul like always Natalie 🙂 I knew you would like Merivelle I love
that gloss so much I went back and bought 2 more. Hope they don’t
discontinue that color 🙁 have a great week :)

Julia Laidler says:

I do not speak French either, but often find makeup colour name facinating.
So I use GoogleTranslate which allows use
to type on the left hand side any word, or phrase, or even sentence, in any
language and GoogleTranslate translates it on the right hand side into a
language of your choice. And… a “speaker button” appears in each box:
press it and listen to the pronounciation. Quick, fun and educational.

Lots of love. xxx

Zornitza Valkova says:

Love the colours.The lipstick is very nice on you.:)Thanks for the video

Mariahs36 says:

I love Obagi, it changed my life. LOVE it!

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