Chanel Spring 2014 Ready to Wear

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Runway, backstage, and front-row footage from the Paris show. Watch the Chanel Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear fashion show footage from Want more? Visi…

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Ricardo Hernandez says:

This collection is such a bold statement. It is exactly what Coco was all about! She wasn’t about red carpet glamour, she was all about designing everyday wearable, chic clothing. It is very simple, high fashion doesn’t always have to look high fashion, if I make sense. Point is, people don’t have to show the monogram to impress, that’s tacky. Chanel has always proven, time after time, that there is so much versatility in the clothes, they work well together, & apart. Bravo Karl!

Andrew C says:

The man is a damn prodigy and he knows it. Maybe that’s why we all hate him.

SnorkFlirt says:

Adele is so fat

sabi lou says:

I know! I guess that’s what getting older is about, coming to terms with the fact that there are girls younger than you! haha

styleinvasions says:

I love the accessories!

zincink says:

Karl is an artist. Nice antennae!

Joubaier Joubert says:

Nobody like Karl!!!

N°1 says:

Excellent. Chanel just does it right.

Fedya7894DUDE says:

This isn’t fantastic… at all!

Monsieur Uz says:

So nice to see a great designer strongly supporting an even greater designer. Bravo Riccardo.

UniqueFashion333 says:

Chanel is my fav !

diornotwar123 says:

great collection. man, i’m getting old. 26 is old? i remember being a teen, and the models felt older than me.

almicka says:

I’d really want to see the backstage video with makeup from this show!

lucashuseth says:

he did it again! Beautiful, very Karl and very CHANEL

tx1117 says:

just a prime example of a fashion house that is moving forward with the rest of the world. young women are buying these clothes and accessories. His vision is super far ahead and congrats to him. This collection is fresh fresh fresh!

Mellow1904 says:


f7sj says:

Why can’t I find the whole show? Is it too soon?!

vancouver0408 says:

Riccardo’s ear piercings!

Rinz says:

Such bad lighting on Katy Perry. Oops.

appartement2046 says:

Tisci is so yummy. Oh, the collection is cool too.

catwalkwhore says:


K JG says:

I love the fashion of Chanel, but I just find Karl annoying, arrogant and conceited, either in the interviews, documentary or articles I read about him. But again, he is extremely talented…

Diego Villegas says:

I eat my words from earlier. This is cool.

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