CHANEL Spring 2013 Collection: Get Ready with Me

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PRODUCTS SHOWN: Arbonne Makeup Primer Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation (B40) Urban Decay Primer Potion Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow- #39 Raffinemen…

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Loveqvc Lovetheq says:

I think you need full coverage foundation chanel is to light for you

Cozyrosy1 says:

very lovely!! you’re prob the only Youtuber whom I’ve seen using Chanel’s Nude lipliner, one of my faves!!

Florentine Sophia says:

Awesome video!!:)

Please check out my new Get Ready With Me video for the Natural Look 🙂
Anyone who subscribes to me, PLEASE let me know as I would Love♥ to return the favor 🙂

xx- Florentine♥Sophia

landra27 says:

whow!! you look beautifull! best wishes from germany

bchbounds says:

i love the spring chanel colors! i do have the quad. i wished so much i could have gotten the illuminating powder!! i may tho, buy the one thats out now. its gorgeous as well!! i like the blush better that is out in a current collection. “rose petale”..kind of a dusty rose shade…i do really like that nude pencil as well..

scorpio1382 says:

How old are you?

xmisspoppinsx says:

Love this look! 🙂 sadly don’t own an Chanel yet 🙁 lol maybe one day! 🙂

makeubeautiful83 says:

Hey girl love ur eyebrows

Amy Clark says:

Hey! I was just wondering where you purchased your beauty blender? Thanks! x

Leslie Cunnion says:

I love to see all your jewelry behind you, your little ones must think they are in princess heaven!

Sal Marsh says:

ha ha i was watching this with my two year old on my lap and after your intro he said HI JODIE so hi Jodie from little Zack

MsGoddessintraining says:

Such a gorgeous look J.  You keep on taunting me with the Vitalumiere. Oh and that blush OhEmGee.

Ramona Wiks says:

Hi Jodi, how do you rate the Chanel lipliner? Does it last a long time? x

lindalu19 says:

Sooo beautiful Jodi. It is a lovely collection. Thanks, XXOO Linda

Alia S S Al-Essa says:

I loved thier blush

thejools123 says:

Beautiful! All of these products look fabulous on you! Stacie xo

ranunkel1 says:

Is the gel liner waterproof on your brows?

sparkly38 says:

Super pretty Jodi, as always. I’m always hesitant to get those Chanel quads, they just don’t seem pigmented enough. I have wanted the Mystic one for some time now but just have not given in. – Jen

טל בלאט says:

Hi looking forward for the skin routine you promised….

sikupyte s says:

Nice!! 🙂 i bought Chanel illuminating power.. even i have hundreds of highlighters and illuminators, but this one is diferent.. its amazing!!! And i love it <3

SoyTuPrincesita92 says:

Seeing what you applied to your brows, it is a dramatic brow, but to be honest when I first saw your look at the beginning it looked so natural. I’m jealous you can pull of a dramatic brow with such ease 🙂 And the blush looks so great on you. Love the look!

ydoow2009 says:

I love the brows! I think defined brows actually make you look younger–as long as you don’t try to redraw the shape. Beautiful look, but to bad they test on animals. x

debbick1 says:

Beautiful look Jodi! 🙂

NinaHoney3 says:

I am so glad i found you! Love your videos and your personality! Greetings from England 🙂

ImACrafty Nurse says:

Really lovely look Jodi! Xo Cindy

mummytime101 says:

Love that blush!

Jacquinda27 says:

Looks great! Beautiful blusher

dreamability27 says:

The eyeshadow looks so beauty on you! Perfect for your eye colour. From the collection I’ve bought the highlighter, a lipstick and a nail polish. You’re tempting me to go back for more!

wishlizz says:

Hi jodi, I am also trying to find the color for my eyebrow. heard Mac came out with a new brow gel creme. Love this look. and strong brow never overdone!!

TheWhisperpink says:

i love that you’re not afraid to experiment and amp it up with your eyebrows!

Odessa Harbon says:

I like this background so much better!!

DaniDeelish says:

God damn girl. Wish I could afford this many Chanel products.

The-Beauty-Vine says:

38 year old me loves your make up and thinks you are an extremely youthful 36 year old. Blessings, Lou xo

Diana says:

The brows look amazing! Not at all over done!

priscillajonas says:

Love the blush!!!!

MegaKristy007 says:

I think with your brows defined like that it looks so stunning on you! But your always stunning haha… 🙂

Wynters Thoughts says:

Beautiful as usual Jodi!! 🙂

Margie Medina says:

It’s always a pleasure to see your videos 🙂

Katie Kim says:

i thought you were 40+ sozzz

DominosAndHearts says:

your 36?! no way!! 🙁 i thought you were maybe 32/33…. and i agree, you know what you like and what suits you most tmes 🙂

Deepashree Chayapathi says:

another stunning look Jodi! awsome

NicSwitz says:

What do you do for work

ItsCherryBomb says:

Beautiful look, Jodi. :)

Silvermouse27 says:

That’s a gorgeous look! Thank you for posting this – I’ve been wondering how many looks I can get out of the Raffinement quad and you’ve just given me another idea! Thank you!

xHuman3rr0rx says:

I love the brows, i always think thicker, fuller & more defined brows make you (as in everyone) look younger 😉

emma cattapan says:

hey jodi what do you think of the chanel natural finish loose powder?

shalomkitty says:

and i would love to see a video of you talking about the different brow techniques you’ve been experimenting with!

shalomkitty says:

gorgeous as always! the VA is my hg. nothing like it. btw, have you seen pictures of the jeux de regard collection? BEAUTIFUL palettes and 2 new illusoire d’ombre shades – super gorgeous!

jodam96 says:

So gorgeous and put together! Just stunning Jodi x

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