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This requested video demonstrates what fits into the Chanel Half-Moon wallet/clutch. I hope you find it helpful.

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MSpanders10 says:

Very pretty bag.

arentUlovely says:

Good to see you. Nice review.

Margie Medina says:

Another amazing review! BTW, have you heard of a website called Portero
(they sell pre-owned designer handbags, etc.)? I just recently heard of it
& was wondering if you have any thoughts/comments on it.

butterlite100 says:

You collection has grown so much,you have so many different beautiful
bags…I would love to see an entire collection video. Also a slg
collection video. I have collection envy ;)))

Ada Solly Styling says:

Love love it Mary. Ooh la la.

BucketsandBrooms says:

Hi again Mary… I just made my second video and wanted you to take look at

ReignaCee says:

HI! Haven’t seen you in a minute. I love your videos and how well you
review bags! 

Deb Sims says:

Nice bag! I want one. You look great in black!

Lisa Pedersen says:

Thanks so much, great review as always! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your

1mstraci says:

Great video! I had the same woc..I ended up taking it back and bought a
jumbo flap which is so much heavier and bulky! I sure wish ib would’ve kept
it :(

Lizzie France says:

What size was the wallet you got? 

slm32402 says:

Do you mind me asking how tall you are and how long the strap is on this
bag? I am 5’5 and I’m afraid the strap might be a little too short for me
to wear crossbody.

fitjock1 says:

hi mary, great lil bag here. will you do a unboxing of your new bag?
whenever you do a new video, can you plz post a pic on IG, we would love to
see the item on there also. tks

LewMark Kennerley says:

Can you please do a review on your key holder?

MsBlueMaude says:

I do love this! I haven’t ventured into
Chanel yet, but I do know it is coming !! 😉 nice to see ya ! Xo

StellaNaturaRay says:

Great video Mary! You look gorgeous!! I want that Chanel now…lol!! Btw!
Are you wearing chanel quartz on your nails? I have it on right now too!!

L Benson says:

Love this video. Is this preloved or new? What is the name of this bag?

Brooklynn Kennedy says:

Also to add, your weight loss is coming along awesome. You look great!

newyoricanmama says:

Wonderful video! I just purchased this bag a few weeks ago and I love it. I
have one question to ask…Will a LV zippy coin purse wallet fit inside?

Shelly Martin says:

Love your video! 

BucketsandBrooms says:

Mary I’m curious…. How is the weather were your at? I live in Canada and
it’s like -25 degrees ….. With Lots of snow 

Brooklynn Kennedy says:

Mary it is soooo good to see you back! Hopefully more frequently?!?! Any
new purchases to share;-)? 

MizzSpoiledChick says:

Random question but what are your opinion on the Louis Vuitton Josephine
wallet vs Emilie wallet i am stuck between the two 🙂

Minks4All says:

Beautiful bag! Great video!! Xoxo

Angie Ferrara says:

Gorgeous Mary!

Cormac IRL says:

I could watch your point of view of things all day Mary! Great video! :))

waugse says:

What a beautiful little clutch, I have to check that out in store… Love
your necklace btw! xx

midgreen100 says:

Incredible piece! I love the interior slots. I did a video on the large
Half Moon flap bag. 

BucketsandBrooms says:

Another great video hooray!!! Luv your videos informative…..

kimjo007 says:

Great video! I’ve missed your reviews.

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