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Ari Cespedes says:

Is she color blind ??? Cus she said “black dress” but omg she’s so cute 😭🥰❤️

Brenda Pawlowski says:

I love your videos,I wish I had that case of eyeshadows.I love doing by make-up.Love you .

Nerida Shae says:

These vlogs are great Nicolette, what fun a Chanel party! Nina i loved the outfit you were wearing, tight black dress and little boots…sexy as gf! btw I ordered my first merch piece last week, cant wait for it to arrive! Love love xoxo

GIGI Juliette says:

I loved Nina’s earrings that she wore

Lacey says:

YAYY!! I love that you’re now vlogging!!

Noor says:

You should’ve at least worn Chanel to the Chanel party lol🤧❤️

Kaitlin Messerschmidt says:

can you do a house tour????

Ruatpuii Embreeze says:

I always feel soo useless and poor after watching their videos

AlwaysAya says:

Why is everyone saying the dress isn’t black it is

Damaris Mondragon says:

You should do a Q&A while doing a chipotle bowl mukbang please! I love watching you and your family it's one of my top favorite Channels to watch, and I'm looking forward to watching your vlogs! wish you could upload every-day

Lavz _Venice says:

Me too.. More of a home buddy.. I love playing on my phone and watch your videos at home.. I only go out for shopping and gym then go back home..

Lea Paulino says:

Love a vlogging Nicolette

Alice NEWMAN says:

U should prank Blair and your mum

Kute Kayla says:

1:28 “maybe I can wear this black dress”
shows light brown dress

Victoria Valdez says:

Today is my birthday 🎂

Rosanett Dy says:

Wait.. so she can buy all these expensive bags ans clothes but she cant even get a cheap camera/phone stand?? 😂😂

mekirkpat says:

I like that Nicolette did not make this 2000 years long

mekirkpat says:

love this and you:)

mekirkpat says:

this new channel is so good

Nina Soleil says:

i love these vlogs but am the only one that gets a green glitch at the beginning?

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