CHANEL Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’Art show

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More on The Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’Art show took place on December 10th at Dallas Fair Park. Soundtrack: Artist: Dinos Chapman…

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CHANEL says:

View the full video of the Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’Art show. More on

Conch Lo says:

Mix Chanel and Ralph Lauren. They should change the floor though.

Misseffortlesslychic says:

Seriously tacky. Really did not enjoy this show

seanzscorpio says:

The white headpiece at the end and the star embellished dress were my

Fab Jennie says:

Very wild west. I’m glad that Texas was chosen to host Chanel this year. I
did like the two looks at the end.

ellaartiss says:


Charlene Realegeno-Molina says:

Chanel has done it again! Truely iconic!
I love Texas!
Who would have thought Chanel Cowgirl boots! My first buy of course! 

Lanier Smith says:

There were some really beautiful pieces in the show. especially near the
beginning. However it felt more like Santa Fe New Mexico to me than the Big
“D”. Unfortunately at the end it got a little too Bob Mackie for my taste.
I was half expecting Cher to come out and sing “Half Breed”. But as I said
there were some real gems scattered throughout. 

ariadne3838 says:

Loved it. The American West!

abcxyz12345678912345 says:

Amazing show and the best is watching in HD quality. Thank you

Andres Jimenez says:

Is this a new collection?

swecheekypanda says:

Very different collection from CHANEL though, still amazing but very

swecheekypanda says:

if I was walking the show, I would so want to have the closing look. So
fears, gorgeous and a real showstopper!!!

MrSTAYUP33 says:

techno in dallas and southwestern style.

Micha Rox says:

Clothes look baggy, some of them are even tacky I’m sorry I love Chanel but
Karl is getting predictable and boring. I always look forward to a new
Chanel show and when it’s finally out I almost every time end up
disappointed. He just doesn’t match the high expectations … he did great
shows like Chanel Cruise 2009/10, Chanel Paris-Moscou, Chanel Cruise 2012,
Chanel Fall 2012… compared to these shows this one is total crap.

Sabine Bean says:

Model walking at 3:12 – 3:16 anyone?

Cherisse Fx says:

Wow! It doesn’t look cartoonish or silly. It looks beautiful. And the music
is perfection. Karl Lagerfeld has such a creative mind . Beautiful job,
Karl! X

Maria Rodrigues says:


Junko Suzuki says:

#chanel #chaneldallas #fashion #style #art #runway 

Dzejna Kadric says:

So beautiful to watch!!! 

Sarah Jane Knapp says:

Obsessed with the Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’Art show xx #chaneldallas
#fashionblogger #SJK #sarahjaneknapp #australianfashion 

MegaMoflis says:


carlos sierra says:

polka y fandango!

Надя Русева says:

who’s the model at 05:12?

khan ology says:

Loved it

Emma Jacobs says:

Can I just win the lottery so I can buy this collection. It’s stunning.

Jasmin Stanacev says:


iken kooar says:

This is just perfect

Lolly Pop says:

i don’t like the dresses, but chanel is always chanel <3

Dolly Mandel says:

The one thing i don’t like is the feather in the hair,or the hat,sorry
don’t like that touch!!

Virna Aryanita says:

love this collection. Can’t wait for the campaign! Look at that Karl with
his swag. ahahaha i died

Anton Gaitan says:

I find it so crazy how Chanel changes their notion and fantasy of what
“elegance” is. I don’t think of anything stereotypically from the “West” or
Europe’s notion of “Texas” as conventionally “elegant” but here is Chanel
putting this concept on their runway. This kind of thing of “not elegant”
to “elegant” phenomenon happens in fashion all the time but I’m always
amazed when it happens.

Alma Torres says:

There were a few pieces I really liked. But, overall I didn’t like this
collection. Not Chanel’s best. 

rabou3aa says:

The pieces together look too much and are heavy but separetly they might
look great. Like the boots with jeans or the jacket alone. But all together
its costumey.

Laura Gonzalez says:


HermineundGustavTV says:


thelasonj says:

The jewelry was breaking me way down; and the shawls; a beautiful
collection –love the white frilly shirts; wish I could have seen in

YUMIKO Marquez says:

I’m lovin’ Karl, human coco,
however this vid’ show place setting is not beauty, seems the west-apes.
GOD bless human coco again. lovin’.

samococo says:

Looks like Isabel Marant x H&M, but 100X better.

nutella871 says:

hmm beautiful clothing. I just wish the venue wasn’t so stereotypically
texan (oh and I am texan and live in Dallas). 

GryphonsBard says:

I’ve been waiting for this all week! Not disappointed to say the least.
Very nice.

marykins07 says:


Agnieszka Kołodziej says:

Kolejna odsłona #CHANEL 

Franzi Rico says:

Some pieces were too tawdry, but there were some very nice ideas, that
saved the show from being a costume party.. Fortunately the music made it
harmonic and very interesting through this mysterious touch..
The dress at 14:00 is a dream! CC <3 

ThatxStaphyy says:

The cute little boy though!!

junoreactor10000 says:

………… 10+ 

Cynthia Jackson says:

CHANEL….. Pure Pleasure 


how is the last girl with the white and big “penacho” ??? 

Kamari Christopher Watson says:

Cowboys/girls and Native Americans. 

JD Ishmael says:


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