Chanel Nuit Infinie Holiday 2013 Haul!

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TMG.Producer4 says:

Hi Selina! Great haul! I would love to talk to you about some integration
opportunities. I recently emailed you some information, please feel free to
reach out to me at anytime!

Thoughtful Media Group

Lydia Ross says:

I keep those pouches to use for putting little things like batteries and
lighters in a drawer. I also have a couple in my sewing box with buttons
etc in so they don’t roll around in the bottom. General small storage that
you might never buy, but comes in useful sometimes :]

Angel Wang says:

Love all your videos :)

Rachel Haytsidt says:

Love that blush so much. Vanessa was like “I think I need a backup”, so
then I was like “omg, I should probably buy this”. She was right. Magical.
The polish is gonna look all kinds of wonderful on you. Jelz of your nails
for life. The lipsticks are totally worth it, too. Missed you hauls!! <3

pinkabuki says:

of course I keep the chanel velvet packaging, it’s soo expensive, I like to
keep it looking nice and they are soft.

bimblaq says:

the blush & nail polish look great. i was wondering what kind of top coat
do use?
P.S. ur cat is so cute!^^

Nazih09 says:

love when you post videos :)

remmary100 says:

Thanks for sharing. Love the products you chose.

chris Bluhm says:

I love this video!!! Really cool!!!!!!! simply amazing!!!

Georgia says:

Use the pouches for delicate jewellery? 

tiaelisabeth says:

Also, your cat is so beautiful!

Kirsthu says:

love it when you do hauls :)

What I Call Beautiful. says:

aaaamazing, need the eyeshadow palette in my life so badly!

dehmorais says:

I love your hauls! I still don’t know what I’m gonna get from the
collection and IF I will but I loved the blushes! Please do more videos!

Sara Parks says:

you make the BEST videos and best reccomendations on youtube, I wish you
would upload at least once every other week.. xoxo

shalar01 says:

Is the La Desiree lipstick drying at all?

Rivy O says:

i literally wish we could be best friends…..i feel like we would get
along so perfectly

Filiz Aky says:

When you posted, I had an OMG moment. I was like yaaaay 🙂

Love you videos, honestly girl make more! 🙂 xxxx

Beautiful world says:

Great to have you back! U look fab! x

Louisa Georghiou says:

OMGGG i just love ur videos and i watch them 1000 times each because u dont
make new ones 🙁 xxxx

jimeniuxxobo says:

Your shirt its so pretty

Viccc! says:

This video doesn’t work =[

elodie k says:

love your hauls! where’s your top from?

Karen Crofton says:

I recognise that bedroom! 😉 Almost like going back in time! Its great that
you decided to share this video with us, Selina! :)

zuz1985 says:

Love your hauls, please do more of them!! where is your top from?? it is
gorgeous, xx

Myrto A. says:

Are you greek? (your surname sounds greek:P) btw lovely haul! xx

Chloe P says:

the fact that you’ve made another video has made my day. I always love
them!! xx

LuxeLifeAspirations says:

I just picked up the nail polish in Accesoire but now I think I need to
make another trip to the Chanel counter…

barbara ghinelli says:

selina i love your top! where is it from? :)

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