Chanel Mini Review (Square and Rectangular)

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Hello! Welcome back, or if you are new to our channel, welcome! ❤
We are best friends from Australia and we have a love for luxury goods and fashion.

Rectangular Mini (2012) $4220
17 x 13 x 7.9 cm
60 cm shoulder drop

Square Mini (Japan, 2016) $3820
20 x 12 x 7 cm
50 cm shoulder drop



DISCLAIMER: Everything was purchased with our own money and all our opinions are honest

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Coffee Plant says:

FINALLY YOU‘RE BACK! Informative and sweet as always! I would looove to see vlogs from you like for example „Come shop with us“ or something like that, but honestly I love your bag reviews so much!

Elaine Yee says:

May I know where carmen get the sweater? 😍

xszyh says:

So happy to see another video again! 💕

Lizzy D says:

Oh my goodness!!! I would love to buy the rectangular. How do I enquire? X

itssandy says:

Side video: besides bags, can you girls also do a makeup video together haha that would be fun to watch. Do keep the bag videos coming tho 😉

Cynthia Swl says:

Finallyyy! Love watching your videos

Wingki Liao says:

I use the chain adjuster to shorter the chain and you may use hair tie or any ribbon, the length of the chain should not be the big problem

Mag L says:

I bought my square mini in Japan September last year! It’s a raspberry pink one in lamb skin. Good luck! Oh, You have be weary of water on lamb skin. One speck dropped on mine and it turned darker. It’s not very obvious but 😫

lsl25 says:

Yasssss! Finally a new video! Miss you lovelies!!

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sarah_says says:

Yay you guys are back 💕💕💕

Vivienne T says:

How come its more expensive in US dollars ?

shxna says:

Would you ladies be able to take us with you on a day where you use your favorite bag?

tanadi says:

damn zoom out

Lor Presado says:

yey! new video❤️

Simon Thai says:

Nice work pals

Taffy Nyirenda says:

YAY, I’ve missed your videos

xnln says:

Omg yes more videos I love them!!!

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