Chanel Medium Flap Reveal ! Finally Crossed Off My Wishlist

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Follow me on Instagram @DDGLADIVA See my recent unboxing of my new Chanel Boy bag at OMG ! Join me in revealing my new Chanel bag…

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trina leavers says:

beautiful beautiful bag huni, congrats . i love my medium chanel’s perfect
bags enjoy xoxoxoxox

acdiva1 says:

Congrats Lisa! Beautiful bag!! Thanks for sharing

anjool tali loves says:

love love love it beautiful, I love that my m/l has the gold plating as
well. Such amazing quality on the older bags. Really happy for you to have
this one in your collection congrats hun, and i loved the fireworks haha

Nicole Novo says:

Lovely bag my friend! As always you look beautiful! ❤️

Coco McQueen says:

Omg! Congrats! It’s beautiful! You’re beautiful!!!! 

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Wow! I love your new bag. This bag is classic and timeless. This is the
style I would like whenever I do get one. I heard about the hardware on the
Chanel bags early last year. Someone actually, said they were 14 carat
gold but I’m happy that you cleared that up. Thanks so much for sharing and
enjoy your two gorgeous new bags in the best of health :-))

MSpanders10 says:

Oh sweetie your so lucky she is gorgeous. Congratulations to you.

matthewlikesLV says:

Wow gorgeous!! You really went all out to get this list complete!
Congratulations 🙂 it’s beautiful, I can’t wait to see how you wear this

1myjet1 says:

Your handbag is beautiful…. Definitely on my prayer list..
LOLOLOLOL…. Enjoy it in good health!!

Greenohlover says:

Major fail on ur purse ban, but love love your flap

kvloveslv says:

Absolutely perfect! Congrats! 

Saveria Contarini says:

Really gorgeous!! Love the lambskin with gold … so elegant. Know you
will enjoy owning this one! 

Sara S. says:

Don’t you just love the older caviar? I have a caviar wallet on chain from
2014 and it doesn’t feel as luxurious as my jumbo in caviar from 2008. This
bag suits you so well enjoy!!

FancyPantsStyle says:

classic piece. Congrats!

Tasari says:

beautiful bags enjoy!!

Becky L says:

Oh, it is gorgeous! Congrats! That bag is next on my list….my long list,

mrsbibilove says:

amazing this is the year of chanel for you hehe love it and i adore the
medium classic flap it is so beautiful and feminine enjoy! xoxox

Kelly Moore says:

Congratulations on your new acquisition, it is absolutely beautiful. I love
Chanel handbags they are so elegant and timeless. This bag is has been on
my wish list for quite sometime. Enjoy your new addition. :)

midgreen100 says:

Totally Incredible! You won’t need any other bag. She is everything!!!
And…timeless, vintage quality to boot!! Enjoy!!!!

Advent397 says:

How is the ‘no bag buy’ working out Lisa !!?? Congratulations. It’s

Abbey Mugroso says:

Congratulations – your new handbag is beautiful 🙂 

Marsha Slaughter says:

Congrats, Lisa!!!! She is a beauty. Would love to become a member of some
of those private groups. Any suggestions?

MissCielle101 says:

I’m in love with your new bag Lisa, and I’m so happy for you that you were
able to find this exact one. Congrats and enjoy! Hope you will do an
updated bag collection video for the end of 2014/ beginning of 2015!! Wish
you a wonderful weekend! xoxoxox

prettycraftygirl says:

Love, love love! 

pursejunky says:

how exciting! updated collection vid soon??

BmwA5H says:

Such a classic Lisa! Wear in the best of health! X

lovebags2010 says:

Love love your new beauty!! I like the vintage classic bags better. Glad
you found her. 

Sportdiva7 says:

So jealous!!!!!!

Kim McDaniel says:

Lovely bag. You are too funny with this bag band. LOL I think we are all
just trying to get those purchases before we really go on a band. — Enjoy
your new bag.

KWS Styling says:

Gorgeous bag…. so happy for you xoxo

Rosa Turner says:

Awesome Hunni! Congratz On The New Addition, It’s Beautiful!!!!!

IG: roromaxn ;)

Breakfast Tiffanys says:

I’m happy for you. Great find. Love your vids. 

Someday Shabby says:

Wow congratulations on your beautiful flap bag!!!! So beautiful loving it. 

Feisty Kitten says:

Breathtaking..she is a beauty :)

dougdz11 says:

Ohhh Congrats!!! 8D

anigmapr75 says:

Beautiful bag! Congratulations! I loved the fireworks..great effects

loveofpurse says:

Congratulations babes that’s two awesome Chanel bags. Great purchases for
the new year. I would love to see a full collection video.

Angelle Charisse says:

Nice Chanel Bag.

rosie886 says:

hi i love the bag! I love your videos. Could you do a handbag
storage/collection video and a closet tour/shoe collection? I would love to
see how you store all your handbags and shoes! 

midgreen100 says:

Would love to see a “what fits” edition when you carry her. Thanks, again
for sharing. 

MochaJen5 says:

Sweet! Enjoy!

missfrasier1 says:

Fabulous girl

marie bagobeans says:

I am happy you got your dream bag. Happy handbag

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