CHANEL Little Black Jacket Making-of Part 2

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Subscribe to our channel : CHANEL The Little Black Jacket 的事已經寫過了,這次我們來到CHANEL 小黑外套的巴黎rue Cambon 總部工作室,一睹小黑外套的製作秘密。Karl Lagerfeld 表示:「…

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Ricky Quirarte says:

WOW! I’ve graduated from fashion design 3 years ago and still work on my technique. But i’m nowhere near being that ballsy to go from muslin to cutting. I usually start on dot paper, make two muslin samples then i cut my fabric. Much respect.

EmmaLPeel says:

They made the shit outta that jacket like it was par for the course.

pinko pallino says:

then if you don t like the comment why you fuckking answer don t you have a sweater to knit?

pinko pallino says:

come..i can bang you on the same table during the making of teh black jacket…

pinko pallino says:

if i had factory in china they would do better job without  charging so much for that stupid jacket

pinko pallino says:

you wanna bet your ass ?checca

Aishath Hazmath says:

biggest joke ever..stop talkin about stuff that u dont even understand

fashionrebel05 says:

pink pallino…….. u need a life!!!!! I WISH TO BE THERE WHEN KARMA SLAPS U IN UR ASSFACE!

fashionrebel05 says:


pinko pallino says:


pinko pallino says:

did you ever try to use it to glue your brain???maybe you should since you sound very stupid

pinko pallino says:

sure no problem anytime you can let me know how much you can afford a hand made jacket ..if you have money ..but if you think this jacket made like a factory is great must be a poor poor person

douche bag

pinko pallino says:

i hate to disappoint you but..before chanel figure out the use of the chain on the jackets.. draping makers already had before the use of chain for weight
and is a common sense since the fabrication that she use need to stay put
so nice work but she didn’t invent anything she was a smart ass in a time that nothing was done yet all was a discovery

cherry lee says:

hi,everyone,share with you a good shopping site:w w…hh….

flashdemon says:

Price $50000..

Lina Donald says:

oh I’m sorry do you own a factory in China, or do you work in a factory there or something…??

darling just shut the fuck up 🙂

janice l. holmes says:

There is nothing more luxurious than wearing a Chanel jacket. This was so amazing to watch. The chain around the edge adds just enough weight ….Coco was very resourceful!

TheBadBitchIsBack says:


Lory W. W. says:


MrM1m0MONSTER says:

You’re an idiot. Why not you try to make a ‘jacket’ instead?

fashionrebel05 says:

Andrew Skeet / Anthony Phillips for their album ‘Seventh Heaven’

fashionrebel05 says:

the track name is ‘GRAND CENTRAL’ by Andrew Skeet / Anthony Phillips from their
‘Seventh Heaven’

fashionrebel05 says:

what is wrong with using fuse tape?

nelsonkee123 says:

What is the music?????? PLEASE!!!!

Erick Garcia says:

You have no appreciation for this video keep the comment to you’re self and really think about what you saying before making such a statement. Youre probably one of those people that thinks fashion has to be this this complicated thing, simple garment that are made by hand have a very strong presence when put into the hand of wonderful craftsmanship. And only because something is fused doesn’t mean that is cheap, different fashion houses use different methods.

sweetlemonice says:


pinko pallino says:

what work made as factory..not by hand..

pinko pallino says:

is this a joke..china factory can do better job and finish a jacket..this is a chanel jacket and is made like a factory??and three idiot to make that stupid jacket…hope coco chanel is cursing them ..unbelievable..a fusing tape is been use …what a shame ..more stupid who ever think to spend that money ..go to china you better job and quality ..

Céline Cloetens says:

Who composed the music?

193614 says:

so much work into one jacket! that’s why Chanel is the best.

XxBreakTheRulezxX says:

the power of music.

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