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Kitten7273 says:

Thank you for your wonderful, informative videos! Just found you today and subscribed! Nice to know that someone else also loves Chanel Makeup products! Love from Massachusetts, USA <3

Emme Aria says:

Thanks for replying 🙂 I’m watching your video again! I love it that you’re a bit more “grown up and effortlessly polished” than most other youtubers. They’re a lot of fun too but i believe we share the “quality over quantity” philosophy 🙂 when i like a product i keep buying it and i keep backups too! <3 Thanks again for this elegant review!

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Emme, thank you & welcome to my channel. I love the Les Beiges too, i have been using it alot. Hope you are enjoying your weekend much Love xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

I love them too : ) Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you so much doll : ) I hope you are able to get it soon, much Love xoxo LB

Emme Aria says:

Hi! Just subbed 🙂 I love the new Les Beiges line as well… got the pressed powder and the cream version <3 ..You're pretty and sweet-sounding, beginning to love your videos 🙂 Love from Manila! Keep it up ! Nice background too 😀

junglette says:

Great review! I can’t wait until it debuts in the U.S.!!!

victoria8897 says:

I love chanel Products …:)

MsJojo600 says:

can you tell were to get the 60 &70 from i live in the uk, they dont have it thanks

Lydia Bocage says:

I’m having a break from studying for half an hour an thought I would catch up with your videos. You feed my hunger for all things beautiful…Thank you for taking the time to make such informative and well thought out videos. xxx

TheLuxeBabe says:

Aww Thank you : ) i Love it too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi, Thank you so much for subscribing, welcome to my channel : ) The Chanel Les Beiges can be used for oily skin. When it comes to sensitive skin that is very difficult to say given that everyone has a different skin type. I would suggest trying the powder on a part of your skin that is not easily noticeable to see if you have a reaction or not. keep me posted if you do decide to try it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

MrGwapa75 says:

Hi lovely videos you have and so I’m subscribing 🙂
Question: are the Chanel powder ok for sensitive and oily skin? I have been with MAC for quite sometime but this video is making me try Chanel 🙂

Clara Monteiro says:

you are so sweet.. 🙂 I got the Les Beiges today and i love it.

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hello Lovely Lady: I will definitely be on the lookout for the Chanel Healthy Glow Sheer Powder. I can’t wait to try it. Also, The Coco Mademoiselle is my favorite as well. Thank you so much for the awesome review. I always look forward to your videos. Stay beautiful and stay blessed. xoxo

RaquelofMiami says:

I read that will be launched in August but when I saw yours I was running to the Chanel boutique until you said that in Europe was launched earlier, I love love your le beige review!! love the packaging..!nice to combine with a Chanel bag! :)))

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you so much : ) Wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

Bebe R says:

As always..very nice…I love your videos…You can keep making them for me…:)))..ty ty..

swisswings78 says:

Had to get the powder and i love love it 🙂 Thanks so much for posting this. Hope you do ysl haul soon. Great video and you look AMAZING..

MsMACup says:

I really really hope, that Douglas in Austria get the brushes too!? I definitely want the retractable brush and the powder! :oP I also saw the powder at every perfume shop, but not the brushes. I will ask today…

Andreza Nogueira says:

I mag dein Video, mach immer weiter. Lg aus Frankfurt

tori0083 says:

I’m always happy when I see that you’ve posted a new video, lol…I always keep my pen and pad handy to write down items to purchase 🙂 I’m going to do a search to see if there’s a way to purchase and ship the powder to the states lol

Ayen Cruz says:

Hi doll! Could u do a quick comparison on the chanel les beiges vs guerlain meteorites and hourglass ambient powder? Thanks much!

Mademoiselle R says:

Hello lovely Luxe ! Love the chanel Les Beiges collection, okay now I really and desperately need that kabuki brush 😀 ! Btw, Coco Mademoiselle is my all time signature fragrance that I keep going back to! Xoxo

imobsessedwithurface says:

where are you from? your accent is so classy 🙂

izzyspell says:

Thank you do much, I’ve just checked the UK website and a few other stores in the UK and they don’t stock either of the shades you purchased, so I may have to order from abroad.

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you so much xoxo : )

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you hun : ) I really appreciate that, love getting your feedback. Wishing you a awesome week xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Iman, thank you : ) Hugs & kisses LB : )

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Izzy, thank you : ) I am so embrassed to say this out loud but i have never tried a M.A.C foundation before. I was using Bobbi Brown foundations when i just got into makeup & M.A.C has only been available here in Germany where i live for about 3 1/2 – 4yrs. By that time i fell in love with Diorskin nude 070. I feel so bad, i am sorry i could not be of more help : ( I will get my self matched this thursday & get back to you. Wishing you a wonderful week xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hey Doll, reading your comment made me smile. Thank you so much : ) Welcome to my channel, Love having you here. xoxo LB : )

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you Gorgeous, Love sharing with you xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Of course I am….much love xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Laura, thank you so much : ) I love them too!! lots of hugs xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Me too, thank you : ) xoxo

Laura Ortenzi says:

Hi! I’m from Italy ! I love very much your videos! I have bought Les Beiges and The kabuki brush, they are amazing! Many compliments and a Big kiss

Crown OfHair says:

You’re my youtube sister….Love anything Chanel!

izzyspell says:

Hi LB, great haul. As a point of reference do you know what shade you would be in Mac as I am thinking of getting the powder. Thanks B x

arial2beautyWiz says:

love kabuki
great vid! <3

Shackara Nicol says:

Lovely haul.. Thanks for sharing…

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