Chanel Jumbo Flap Unboxing

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Geminide says:

This is fucking disgusting. Lets all just kill animals so we can get so
fucking excited over a bag. Wippee.

Christine Nicole says:

Why do you people even give a shit about how much money she’s spending? As
long as she’s healthy and has her priorities set straight she should be
able to spend however much on whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She’s
all grown up, leave her alone, how she chooses to live her adult life is
nobody business but her own. You guys get way too ridiculous and judgmental

sarah barah says:

Oh cool they have a booklet of how it was made!! Did they include pictures
of the sheep being killed and skinned?????

Brianna Goodson says:

People need to stop bitching. Half of ya’ll complaining about how these
bags are made of animal skin eat meat on the daily. So go be hypocritical
somewhere else.

Nina says:

No hate or anything buuut… why the fuck would you spend thousands of
dollars for a purse that an innocent being died for? Faux and knock offs
exist for a reason :/ 

tsukihime8899 says:

well,technically,u pay mostly for the brand name than the actual bag :

Rim Chaieb says:

What about the 3 months without shopping thing?

Chloe Nikole says:


DoomMoofy says:

> Proceeds to upload a steady stream of haul & unboxing videos.

come on.

carmenls2 says:

Lamb skin? Really? Omg how cruel!

kelly bass says:

I really liked you until you spent a shit ton of money for an animal killed
for you to wear. You must be real shallow. A fucking kiddy pool is deeper
than you. 

Makenna Taylor says:

I’m laughing so hard at all the comments yelling at Trish because it is a
lambskin bag. I guarantee that over 80% of those comments are made by
people who eat meat. At least the “precious little lamb’s” body is going to
good use to feed people and make a gorgeous bag instead of rotting. Keep in
mind that it is an animal that is not capable of human thoughts or
emotions. It’s also really funny because no one freaks out over her leather
bags made from cows. Is it just because it comes from a young animal that
makes it so “inhumane”? You rock that bag Trish and don’t listen to the
jealous hypocrites!!!

Amelia de Groot says:

She’s gunna scratch it up with her huge ass nails :(

Catty Noir says:

I really don’t understand why some people are mad at her for buying the
bag.She bought it with her own money, not yours.

dyeahnuhh says:

My college tuition in a bag

DanaLorenArt says:

I’ll take a faux or Knock off any day. Why spend that money on a bag when
you can feed children who are starving?

Lisa J says:

wow that bag is over $2,000… 

The Glamorous Life says:

You guys are all talking about dead animals and you missed the lie..she
said she never opened it because she wanted to ” save it to be authentic
and open on cam” except taking the now off..but then she forgot she said
that and said she read the book inside and her and Jeff were looking at
it..Trish, I don’t know why you feel the need to fib. Love this bag though.
I have it in the med/ large

Lovevictornvalerie says:

“Literally the cost of a new born child” wtf is wrong with you?

Rae says:

Lamb skin… 🙁 I could never.. It is a baby Tris… a poor lil baby
sheep!! made into a purse! Baaaaaa

meghan trainor says:

That purse is how much I make in a year I have two jobs

eleonoraeful says:

I don’t think you are classy and elegant enough to wear that Chanel, 

Sarah Slas says:

$5,500 USD for a bag that you have to be soo careful with..

Brooke Garratt says:

$6000 oh okay it’s a lot I agree and I would never spend it but if it’s
what she wants then just leave her enjoy it, you giving her hate isn’t
going to change the fact she bought it.

Thanias Beauty says:

The bag Is to die for!! So so pretty. I’m obsessed with pink bags haha.

Allyson James says:

How come every time someone expresses an opinion that disagrees with Trisha
they are called haters and told to stop watching? Just because I don’t
agree with everything Trisha does or says doesn’t mean I’m a hater or that
I dislike her or her videos. I find most of the haul and vlogging videos
entertaining but I don’t always agree with her and I’m allowed. I have my
own mind, my own viewpoints and I don’t agree with someone just for the
sake of agreeing. Do you people agree with your friends all the time?
Conflict and differences of opinion are a natural part of life. As long as
someone is respectful then disagreeing should be perfectly okay (and even
HEALTHY.) What’s not healthy is agreeing with someone over virtually
everything just because you idolize them. Sometimes in her troll videos the
stuff that comes out of her mouth sounds absolutely crazy and I doubt even
Trisha agrees with everything she says and does. Sorry for the book I just
get so frustrated with the “agree with Trisha (and her followers) 110% or
you’re a hater mantra that is parroted on every other post. 

HippotyHoppity〈3 says:

“This is literally the cost if a newborn child” OMG are you serious? How is
a bag the same as a newborn bag? Your comparing a life to an accessory?
Like I know you like this bag, I do too, but comparing its importance to a
baby is too much. 

Love28 Smith says:

I’m sure the dude she’s fucking is paying for it ;)

Tinkershyshy says:


ColorfulWorldxxo says:

$4,000 lamb skin -_- not cool

Shroom Shimmer says:

$6,000 for a bag… that’s like someone’s rent money for 6 months LOL

Olesya Grabovskaya says:

Funny thing is, if someone presented a vegan person, or whoever is so super
against animal products with something this luxurious in real life, i’m
sure they would accept it in a heartbeat. At the end of the day, no one is
going to come up to you and be like, “omg, I’m so jealous of that vegan
leather bag you have. It’s such a classic…”

Skye Emily says:

So you have a pink Rebecca Minkoff, a pink Celine and now a pink Chanel
that makes senses! I mean it is your money but you don’t need 3 pink bags
that are over priced for the name. 

Nikki Baby says:

what happened to the $200 spending limit?

Shannon Garland says:

Smh why do we kill animals for their skin or anything for that matter.
Sosososo hurt by this
Does anyone knows if the animals are killed for their skin or do they die

Maya says:

you just payed $300 for a poor helpless sheep to suffer, fake is the way to

Cherry03m says:

Just researched it and wow… 5-6k on a bag?! It’s nice and all but I guess
I just don’t get the appeal, I mean with that kind of money I can pay for
my 3-year college fees where I live xD 

devin dahlstrom says:

Where does she get this money from ….

Regina Cameron says:

My question is….if yall don’t like that the bag is made from animal
important? You’re bored? What is it? Enlighten me. 

flx2525 says:

oh god, it’s pink……

Adam Wade says:

First of all to the people posting negative comments about her spending
this is a bag she has had, yes its somewhat new but she posted a video
after that shes going to stop the extensive shopping but she is going to
haul all the stuff she had left to haul so just because shes posting a
video today doesnt mean she went on a shopping spree yesterday and also WHO
CARES ITS HER MONEY. Secondly all the tree hugging, crazy PETA animal
activists posting about killing animals…..People have been wearing,
eating and using leather for thousands and thousands of years, its
something that happens and its not going to change so get over it. PS LOVE

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