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Amore – Love – Liefde to ALL my Subies!! ♡♡ This is a Super Special unboxing of a Chanel item I have been eyeing for a while now. It’s the Chanel Jumbo Double Flap in the black Caviar…

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MelSoldera says:

Love it!

NastasiaM53 says:

Wowow :)) my Hg bag at the moment. Got mine in the medium size just last
week. How excited!!! Congrats my dear, Xoxo

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Congratulations on your beautiful new bag. Your Nana is beautiful. She
definitely should have her own Chanel handbag. Thanks for sharing. 

Lucky Ascot says:

Oh so beautiful!!! I love your excitement -so cute! I know just how you
feel : )))) I’m soo in love with mine and I’m sure you will enjoy your new
beauty : ))

blueocean2012 says:

Beautiful bag, congrats & enjoy. Your nana is so precious❤️

Tasari says:

omg congrats exicited for you such a beautiful piece!!!

Renewed Gal says:


MSpanders10 says:

She is gorgeous!!!!! Love the bag, congratulations to you. 

kittymoomoo1923 says:

Mine is the gold hardware black caviar jumbo too. I’ve only had her for
about 2.5 weeks. I keep it in the dust bag and the chain I use the second
pocket in the dust bag so the chain is behind the bag, in its own little
pouch. Yes the smell is delicious! ! 

Panamabeauty Jackman says:

Congrats Sara, She is a beauty. I love the gold hardware. Enjoy her!
Grandma is so cute to model the bag :-)

kittymoomoo1923 says:

I’m so happy for you dear, we are bag twins!! I love your grandmother
wearing it at the end. I showed my 3 year granddaughter mine and I told her
when she grows up she can have it. She told me make sure you don’t mess it
up!! haha Now she thinks all purses are all named chanel. I’m so happy I
found your chanel your so sweet.

trina leavers says:

omg omg omg huni she is beautiful, TWINSIES lol i loved it when you wrapped
the ribbon around yourself i was laughing my head off and squealing with
you hahahahahah, enjoy huni she is so beautiful xoxoxoxo

Robina Mcknight says:

So excited for you congrats she is beautiful enjoy :)

pursediva says:

sooo exciting for you and your new Chanel. Are you going to show what you
are going to put inside her?

handbaglvr says:

Congrats! Curious, are the Chanel Double flaps Made in Italy or France? 

missKasandraD says:

Congrats! This my dream bag! Enjoy this beauty and have fun with her!

Maria Q says:

Big congrats Sara! Glad you found it, enjoy using it!

michelle haywood says:

a beautiful and perfect classic!! i love how happy you are – thrilled for
you!! thanks for sharing with us!! btw, i think the camellias change with
the season so in summer they are more of a linen…. love the box that
comes with the classic bags!! just lovely – enjoy!!

rtblade4 says:

Oh the bag is so beautiful! It is my dream bag.
Your grandmother is adorable

Sallyann Widdowfield says:

Yepieeeeeeeeeee you got it……. Fantastic bag…. Looks beautiful…..
Chanel store in Venice is right next to the toilets by st marks square
!!!!!! Strange place to have a amazing store… Ha ha ……. Your Nona. Is
soooo glamorous ….. Big love x

Ada Solly Styling says:

Ooh la la. so beautiful.

kvloveslv says:

Congrats! So happy for u! Beautiful! 

Suzi Tsehaye says:

Congratulation!!!! Do you mind if I ask you the price of the bag.By the way
you have a beautiful grandmother and the bag Look good on her.

bumblebee says:

Lucky girl! Congratulations!!!

arentUlovely says:

Sara, it’s beautiful! 

Advent397 says:

You and your bag are both gorgeous !!! We’ll wear.

Celita Guia says:

Congratulations! It’s a beautiful bag!!!

Chanel05 says:

So happy for you!! Xxxx

Someday Shabby says:

Congrats huni on your beautiful chanel bag. I feel your joy I love my
chanel bag too. 

Kelli Kourtesis says:


alexa2411051 says:

wooohoooo congratulazioni cara…baci 🙂

fitjock1 says:

hi sara, love the bag. really love seeing your nonna, hope we will see more
of her. tks

Laura Elle says:

Ciao bella! Complimenti per la Chanel e per il tuo italiano
Ho appena scoperto il tuo canale! Bellissimi i tuoi video!

The Curly Life says:
Kelli Kourtesis says:

Congrats! I have the same bag but in she!

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