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nostalgia ultra says:

I can’t handle you fr. You act like you’re a celebrity or something when no
one actually knows who you are. Get off YouTube, you have no personality
and. Everyone thinks you’re a man. 

kae mariee says:

So you do a photoshoot to promote fake fur, and you claim you love animals
so much, but you buy items with real leather made from calf skin. You’re
spending thousands of dollars to have innocent animals skinned. Care to

Rose Po says:

I hope you’ll learn to do your eyebrows the way it suits your face shape.
And why is it grey? 

vivivixen09 says:

High fashion seriously? You still look like a $2 hooker.

jupiterdown says:

High fashion isn’t emulating how Kim Kardashian dresses, she’s not high
fashion, I find it insulting when women use that phrase and proclaim how
they dress high fashion when I work for the industry as does my mother and
my grandmother. Her style is considered “fast fashion” just like Kim
Kardashian’s and her family’s style, it isn’t real fashion.

wanderlustcup says:

Is anyone bothered by her left fake eyelash? I can’t stop looking! XD I
love u still Arika <3

zahraa rahman says:

Lol high fashion, fix your eyelashes first x

sophie dymond says:

20 yrs is vintage?? Lol well I’m turning thirty in four days and have been
saying old, now am just going to say vintage lol xxxxx

Serge Elazzi says:

Ugh I was expecting the birkin! But great vid regardless

Natalie Tang says:

Beautiful pieces and I’m sure your daughter will be just as touched as you
were when she receives them someday! Love you Arika, happy 2015! ♥

Ken Carter says:

is there an unboxing for the birkin youve been posting pictures of?!?! <3
<3 <3

Just Me says:

That was so super sweet! Your mom is a doll! And its obvious the apple does
not fall far from the tree. 😉 That chanel boy bag!!! ♡♡ *heart eyes* ♡♡ I
LOVE it! I hope you don’t mind I do some research and if it’s within my
belief system (bs), I might need it…lol…and we might be twinning! 😉
:)) yeeee! Lol…I got that from sienna. Love her. Love you! Thank you for
sharing! Xoxo and again…your mom is such a love! If my mom goes anywhere,
I’ll be up for adoption ;)

kakjenins says:

So you dont wear real fur but you buy leather bsg? im confused!!!

MissMareexo says:

Omg cannot stand these people in the comment section today! Keep your nasty
comments to yourself people! Arika has more money then most of you to care
anyways. I just don’t understand though, if you don’t like her, don’t watch
her! Simple! 

SotiriaKav says:

a little pricey? what? the money that my mom gets from her work are not
even close to the amount of money that someone needs to buy a chanel

Laura De Jaegher says:

Are Chanel bags made from the by-product of animals used for the meat
industry or does Chanel slaughter the animals just for the leather? I do
not know much about Chanel and I am curious if they use cruelty-free

LaCienega Boulevardez says:

If you don’t mind sharing, what is it that you do that allows you to afford
so many things?

Yasmine Yassin says:

dude she is soooo fucking annoying!!!! I can’t fucking stand her!!! kos
emik m2rafek 

Komerican10 says:

I LOVE Chanel and Hermes!! I am thinking of getting those scarves!!! I love
how you are becoming so classy and sophisticated!! It fits you perfectly!!
I LY!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Ashley H. says:

I cannot handle these comments today

K Mills says:

People are so rude to arika! They arent even listening to what she’s saying
at all. Arika is grateful for her gifts and wants to share her gifts with
her future children and all anybody cares about are her eyebrows, fashion,
eye lashes, and overall APPEARENCE. If Arika was a boy, no one would have a
problem, but because she’s pretty, everyone on here is being just plain
mean. Seriously, if it bothers you just wear a blind fold.bif u care that
much, work on ur own dang look stop complaining about arika’s. 

Alix Gibbs says:

Great choice! Love that bag

Desiree Ramirez says:

Such an amazing gift!!! Those scarfs will last you forever! I cant believe
they are so old! They look new!! Your mother gave you the best gift ever!
Oh and that purse is lovely (i like the bigger one better tho) but it’s my
favorite channel classic bag style 

Maite Ascencio says:

Okay i dont understand why there’s so many haters on here, you obviously
clicked the video to watch just dont bother on commenting or watching it !

jessicaxoxo01able says:

Awwww arika such beautiful and special gifts. Those scarves, so meaningful
and beautiful and in really good shape! Such a special treasure. And the
chanel bag is so classy! Agree it is a timeless look and a really good
investment. Thank you for the unboxing videos. I love them. Your so
gorgeous as always! Xx


Love the classy look Arika!!

KupcakeShark says:

I did a Chanel unboxing recently too. My brothers works there and gave me a
beautiful purse after I had baby. I would love for you to check it out.

Zachary Fiorido says:

Don’t let the haters bring you down Arika. You are beautiful inside and
out! xo

Paige Nichols says:

You all are so fucking rude. Seriously. Go be a troll somewhere else. 

Lamiaa Dehhab says:

Hey Arika I just want to say that I love watching your videos, I found them
so interesting and helpfull! You’re such a beautiful woman inside and out!
I love the scarves that your mother gave you❤️! And your Chanel bag?! Wow
so stunning! As a desclaimer I just want to add that I’m not a hater but
there is something about you that I found a bit controversial , let me
explain why… You’ve always said that you are an extrimaly animal friendly
person, you eat vegan all the time and you did a campaign against real fur
promotong faux fur , so whay do you own an all leather bag? ( I think the
le Boy bag by chanel is made of calf skin) I just don’t realize how
sometimes you are all against it, and other times you don’t. This is so

Krisz Goseyun says:

OMG, Totally GLAM, Love it <3333 Keep making more videos Arika !! Your so
beautiful .. I look up to you so much !!! 

R greenbluelove says:

awww you are so sweet to your mom and also your mom is soooo sweet to you.
Love from Japan. I am a big fan of you. xxxxx You are so beautiful and your
are my role model. How gorgeous the bag is. I got HERMES scarf from my mom
too a year ago. XXX

Sadaf Doustkam says:

Ilysm Arika! You’re like my idol <3

Can you please do more health/fitness videos?

LifeWithMigs says:

Man, you people love to scrutinize these youtubers like you all get some
sort of thrill out of it. So she’s not a strict 100% vegan…and what? She
needs to die now because she’s only partly vegan? Wake up guys! There are
seriously bigger issues in this world than her buying a leather bag. And
for those attention seeking trolls and the people that give in to the hater
comments haha are you serious? Go be productive, writing dumb hate comments
and replying to these dumb fucks is a waste of time.

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