Chanel | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 | Preview

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Chanel | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Karl Lagerfeld | Preview in High Quality.

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White Lion says:

Not bad, but look pretty cheap quality >.<

Design B says:

Pains me to say, not loving this collection. Although the flowing, chiffon, (?) skirts are gorgeous. HATE the split sleeve. I do ALWAYS appreciate the craftsmanship of all things Chanel. This collection is a sad.

Blanca Domenech says:

aburrido,boring, ennuyé

King Saoud says:

We need the full show plz

Mauro Romero says:

If Gabrielle saw this she would be disgusted, she rejected the pompous and ridiculous style of the Belle Epoque! The clothes that your brand creates are no longer to be worn! Very outdated for the contemporary streets! Chanel is no longer about modernity, comfort and luxury for a long time!

Andy Zaturno says:

It is time for dear Karl to retire.

Roberto Mendez says:

Karl is now old and demode, so are his collections in the last few years. Karl needs to retire and a new artístic director is needed and wellcome.

Vivian Lee says:

Aged drag -queen -trying -to -be hip and -cool again-but-doesn't -know-how wear

R4bbit68 says:

Move along nothing new here to see

michael richardson says:

I’m sorry Mohawk hair doesn’t go with Chanel Karl needs to give us something new

Joseph Joseph says:

“People will buy flimsy” Karl Lagerfeld

Lord Armyn says:


Khaily Jennahh says:

The ppl that say this collection is boring…well y’all have no class.You can all go watch Balenciaga’s shitty shows with ugly crocs and unstructured dresses.Bitch please

jcdelsante says:

His best collection in years.

lyes saidi says:

no no no karl the set looks cheap why why !

Figurati says:

This is just so lazy

Figurati says:

Boring boring BORING

Mvii1k45 says:

So ready for a new creative director for chanel

juanma mori says:

Chanel haute couture is about craftsmanship. How the artisans made by hand most of the fabrics and the colors . The tweet fabric is her signature. Can be boring for certain people but for others is an art(French savoir faire) . This is Coco Chanel … Coco never will be trendy .this pieces are not for going to the office ,to some cocktail(or at least you are billionaire or a royalty and all your friends are the same) less for millennials…these are for collectors .. if it is so boring and not selling you think the owners(wertheimer brothers) wouldn't have fired him long time ago???.. and this collection is already sold out that's for sure

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