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Hi Loves!!! It’s all about Chanel…Chanel handbags that is! Today I wanted to share my entire Chanel collection, rank them from most to least used and give you a mini review on each! Also included…MOD SHOTS!! Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoy this video! Please don’t forget to LIKE, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!! Stay Fabulous!!! Xoxoxo


Chanel Medium Classic:

Chanel Jumbo:

Chanel Reissue:

Chanel Deauville:

Chanel WOC:

Chanel Mini:

Chanel Le Boy:

Chanel GST:

Makeup in Video:
Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear
Eyes: Urban Decay Diamond Dog & Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette
Eyeliner: Wet N’ Wild 601A
Mascara: Lancome Big Mascara
Brows: Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown
Highlighter: Tom Ford 001 Moodlight & Dior Nude Air Luminizer #04
Lips: Buxom Celeste Lip Gloss
Nails: Kiko Milano #001



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Fashionphile Clearance Sale:


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*ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY COMPANY MENTIONED UNLESS STATED. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO. ITEMS WITH AN (**) HAVE BEEN GIFTED TO ME 🙂 Full transparency: Some of the makeup products/websites I link are affiliate links. I am compensated monetarily when they are clicked/used

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Mabel Villalba says:

Beautiful bags! Love them all! 😍

Gerri Thomas says:

Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing!

Lux Pink Butterfly 747 says:

Love your collection… I know you are a black handbag lover.. That pink mini bag really pops… It just makes the outfit blossom…!!

Navarrete Lia says:

It’s crazy because my Boy bag in caviar with GHW and my red WOC with GHW are the only 2 i have, my most loved 😂😂😂 And i sold my Maxi double flap because was waaaay too heavy and i was not using it at all 😩 I cannot afford to keep the ones I’m not using, they’re too expensive 😅😅

Christina V says:

Love them all! My fave is the pink mini! Looks great on you! 🙂

From Jen with Hope says:

Is the Reissue lighter than the Jumbo double flap and the same inside storage capacity? And does it have a back outside pocket?

Silkia Figueroa says:

OMG I am so glad that you posted this video. There is a pink mini rectangular in lambskin that has been driving me crazy for a few days but I was afraid of it being too delicate. I have looked for other options but I cant get that one out of my mind. I am so glad to see that you use yours often!!

Miss Genie says:

Hi Minnie! Awesome collection! You’re making me feel so much better about my soft spot for black and gold. Currently I only have the same black caviar WoC that you have but have plans to acquire at least one mini flap and a small boy and I want them in black and gold. My boyfriend though already thinks I’ll have too much black! What?? So he was trying to convince me to go for this bright apple green small boy bag, but it just didn’t sing to me…

Karen Yost says:

I wish Chanel was available to purchase on their website as I don’t live close to a boutique. I would so purchase the card case with the classic flap as that is only what I can afford to get. Minnie do you own any?

tasha hartman says:

Nice collection!!! I just want to own 1 Chanel one day 🤭

melissa pintone says:

Love my reissue too so understated!! Minks do you treat your LV leather?

Dionne Ward says:

Great video and I love the red and is there any chance you can do the same video for LV and rank to please. Just because there have been so many new styles and they seemed to have edged a lot of the older styles out. (Well in the uk they seem harder to get at least) 💕

Rizza Riz says:

Beautiful Chanel collections!❤️
Was wondering there’s no square mini ? What are your thoughts of the square mini?

From Jen with Hope says:

Yesss!!! Thank you for making this video!!

Craig Siebler says:


Lina I says:

Hi. Great video. Love your Chanel collection. Beautiful bags. Chanel is one of my top brand. Thank you for sharing. Take care and have a great day and lovely weekend. 💖

10 seconds of my life says:

thank you for this!! 💛 i am getting a reissue soon 😊 so excited! have a wonderful weekend💛

neerajaj2914 says:

Hi Minnie I love your channel and my addiction has gone to a whole new level watching all your videos! I have a question about the medium vs the mini I want to add one of these to my collection and I feel the medium is something I might reach for more than the mini. Considering the price points of both do you think I should save up and get the medium because I might use it more or buy the mini as it can be used just as much as the medium. I guess I’m trying to figure out of mini would work just as well as the medium and since you are also saying the medium is the one you use the most are there occasions when you feel like if you didn’t own the medium the mini would work just as well?

MrsLegalDiva says:

Nice collection Minnie💕

Andri says:

Great collection, love seeing how the bags look on xx

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