Chanel Flap Bag – Jumbo Or Maxi

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My opinions on this classic handbag. See a written review at

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trina leavers says:

beautiful bags , i am only 5 ft 2 so the jumbo is perfect on me , i love it
, the maxi was just to big but beautiful enjoy huni xoxoxo

Amber Hoskins says:

the caviar leather is not stingray…. its calfskin that is given a pebbled
effect. Stingray is exeedingly expensive, it was used i think for a special
edition chanel boy bag a few years back. 

Susan Marie says:

Good review, I love my Maxi! 🙂 Susan

Crisgaby says:

Lots of money ….. !!!

idrissi hajar says:

Sorry but i dont like ur chanels ooold school , the Lv is cool

r123f says:

good bag , beautiful bag

gadson100 says:

whats the name of the store you use on ebay?

Da Nads says:

Hiya Sara I have the exact maxi too. I love it but I only wear it when my
three year old is at school because my maxi is my second baby lol. Also
when I wear it I leave my cell phone in the car so I won’t be distracted. I
know I am obsessed lol. One complaint that I have is that the inside of my
maxi is already scratched REALLY bad. Didn’t take the scratching is keys
into account 🙁 I wish Chanel thought of that. Seems pointless to line the
inside do a chanel with lam skin. My next bag is the gst in gold hardware
black caviar ;)

Nanou Zeldana says:

Love love love the bag! Great vidéo

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