Chanel First Reaction

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Immobile says:

"My guy pretty like a girl", I can't sing along bruh.

Aaron Goodluck says:

1:08 this man describes me

Erik says:

This man snapping off beat ???

ima.holosexual that.loves.sloths says:

the intro made me subscribe ???

Hard Boiled says:

This is my first time seeing your videos. HILARIOUS my god man lol

Donoven Tribble says:

The intro tho lol XD I have to subscribe

Том Левито says:

First Reaction on Biking????

James White says:

React to frank ocean biking

Kimi Co says:

Always have to turn my tv down for quint ?

Changed .MYnAME says:

Never watched your videos but I almost teared up off how much u liked it… This song soo fuckn dope

daniel paez says:

Stop screaming my god this nigga is scaring me

Birds On A Plane says:

OMG quint I stopped watching your vids for like a year and ur editing has gotten so much better it's crazy

Ssomebody that you use to know says:

my 1st time watching you and i love your fucking reaction on this???

Jesús Sebastián says:

dude you were so natural while dancing. Nice video

Roxanne McDonough says:

He's so hype, I love it

Chase Fritsch says:

The patriots can take a seat, Quint's hairline is the best comeback of all time.

Toby Demidzic says:

6lack- free 6lack review it please

OHLOOKas says:


Jonathan Goliva says:

1k for chanel

Straight Facts Homie says:

hhahaha take a look at our The Heart Part IV Reaction too

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