“CHANEL” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris HD by Fashion Channel

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“CHANEL” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris HD by Fashion Channel With life-sized works of modern art scattered around the Grand Palais, German designer K…

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erik3579 says:

Karl Lagerfeld’s job is NOT to create a new style…..his job is to UPDATE the Chanel style for the current times. There is a big difference there and a very unique challenge that faces no other fashion house.

max field says:

thematic, unserious, expertly crafted, very witty

Cristina Santos says:

The sexiest part of the parade at 9:22

angebeatrice says:

the vision of gabrielle chanel!!!

marah jean dayao says:

You can twerk in the mirror..it’s making us insane!

laviaslavic1 says:

Love love love!!!

Boot DeBoot says:

Loving that Monae pumping in the background 😀 Lagerfeld has done it again!

Ricardo Hernandez says:

It’s called Taking tradition & updating it, & making it relevant. This is what Karl does season after season, seamlessly. But I guess those people calling it the “same shit” know better since they have backgrounds in fashion.

m dl says:

If you look at any of the 90’s show from him at Chanel and look at this is all the same, always the same. I wonder if people that hail him as a genius and anything else they make him to be really like what he does or they think its fashionable to say he’s great. After all, if he was so great, his own brand would be a success, yet, its not.

noahsarcooo says:

He brings back the fun!
He is a genius!
Rich women can reload their basics
Artsy clients find colors and more experimental pieces and jewelery
The classic Black and white is there
The little black number is there
Everyones happy…
…except the haters!

Archi Zoom says:

wow the same crap over and over again but Karl maintains his job somehow. the models come and go, they change the wigs, they change the set but the clothes remain the same since 1994

Dre D says:

i’m bored

max vidal says:

i think im in love

Manuel Ruiz says:

89 outfits OMG, wow Karl is my god

clay byrd says:

NO’ ugh! what

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