Chanel Fall 2015 First Impressions : Entrelacs Palette, Alezane Blush, Pensive Lipstick

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PRODUCTS SHOWN IN VIDEO (All products shown in this video were purchased by me with me own money. All opinions expressed are my own and not remunerated. This is not a sponsored video)

Chanel Les 5 Ombres de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette – Entrelacs (Limited Edition)
USA: $US80
AUSTRALIA: $AU100 (Select Counters)

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush – 260 Alezane (Permanent)
USA: $US45

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Long-Wear Lip Colour – 162 Pensive (Limited Edition)
USA: $US35

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow- 254 Tisse D’Automne (Permanent)
USA: $US61

WHAT I’M WEARING ON MY FACE: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation – B30, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette, Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush – Alezane, Chanel Eyeshadow Palette – Entrelacs, MAC Fluidline – Rich Ground, Le Volume de Chanel Mascara, Alison Jade “The Brows Have It!!” Palette, Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick – Pensive, Chanel Precision Lip Definer – Nude.
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Peace, joy & beauty- Jodi xo

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DominosAndHearts says:

gorgeous as always

mariella99K says:

I passed on Entrelacs as it is so much like so many other palettes I already have and the quality was not good enough but, my goodness, Jodi, it looks so beautiful on you. I did get Tisse d'automne which I'm totally loving but now I'm thinking of taking a 2nd look at Entrelacs because of YOU!

ChewyMakeup says:

This look is amazing on you, Jodi! You look soooo hot. Lol
Practical video as always. Xx

Melinda Downey says:

You look lovely! I think these colors are spot on for you, just gorgeous. I've always wanted to try the Chanel Aqua foundation, but feared it would be too drying for my dry/combination mature skin. It looks wonderful on you. Thanks for a great video!?

notyetanotheralias says:

idk about pigmentation, but this is your best eye makeup ever.

Kristi Marie says:

I was expecting something different from Chanel fall. They're basic shades and I was looking for something like Laura Mercier Cherries Noir (a collection from some years ago). The green quad isn't spectacular either, but Tisse Venitien is their best for that color range.

sallyo100 says:

At long last Jodi the AUD prices v the USD prices don't seem so high now that the AUD has depreciated – a lot! It isn't worth trying to buy Chanel online from the US anymore; after exchanging the currency and paying taxes etc, one is better off going to DJs and saving the hassle.

NikaRants says:

There is always this nice sense of smug satisfaction when a super expensive product turns out to have 'mediocre pigmentation'.

Terry Lam says:

Love your makeup Jodi!! Your skin is flawless…dont ChanelVA get greasy on you?? Xox

Nicole Klein says:

Lovely makeup Jodi, love the brown eyeliner. Would love to see a tutorial with the quad you mention at the end of the video ?

Michel Brink says:

I love the Alezane blush. It's stunning. I bought the quad but don't love it. Eye shadows not worth the price. I wanted to love them but turn very muddy. I also bought the dark green eyeliner and the beige star glossimer. Love these last two products. Blush is the winner though.

shalar01 says:

Can you please do a tutorial for Tisse D'Automne? Also, what did you think of the eyeliners? I have not used any of their eyeliners, so don't know much about them.

kadhine007 says:

Your skin is looking beautiful!

Jes Pearl says:

I don't know who would want to pay that much for the eyeshadow pallet but I guess sometimes people go for the name rather than how it looks. 

Ms.BeautyRoyalty says:

Wonderful video

tonette0111 says:

Would you mind if I ask the lip liner shade you used? You're very stunning!

Efpol says:

Your makeup is on Fleek Jodi as always xx

Koirym says:

eyeshadows are not best quality at all…. meh

Dixie Girlxox says:

LOVE your makeup Jodi.  You look gorgeous xx

Sharina I says:

Thanks for the review. 

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