chanel fake vs real 7 inch bag

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Why for the comparison fake vs authentic Chanel bags you tubers always choose the poorest quality replicas? Don’t you think the poor version is obvious to anyone even immateurs ? I would really appreciate if reputable Chanel authenticator would show high quality replica vs authentic one. Nowadays on eBay there is tons of high quality fakes and your tutorials on them would make a difference .

M. Uebershall says:

Does each and every bag have the quilted "CC" stamp on the inside flap???
I must have one of the most perfect chanel fakes here.
The chain feels rather heavy,has the yellow-golden shine and colour,the logo on the front looks just like the real thing,the serial number sits snug inside the right bottom corner inside the bag. The lining is flat and neat-no "bubbles,no creases,no blisters..the stiches line up and it hasn't what I'd call "a cheap feel"to it. I just can not tell…the leather strap inside the chain has a stiching though,the "CC" quilted logo is missing and there are only 8 stiches to create each "diamond" of the quilted pattern.
Is there maybe a way to kind of identify a real from near perfect fake by weighing the bag?
Surely chanel uses the same material and amounts of material for each particular series of bags? Shouldn't these bags all be identical in weight?
Maybe I'm wrong, with the "weight-theory"? I'm really not at all an expert just someone who happened to inherit a bag. It's not my sort of style really,nor have I got any intentions of selling this bag. I was planning to give it to my daughter (she loves the kind of style) but I would like to be able to tell her whether it's authentic before even telling her about the bag.

Betty * says:

Hi Winnie! I just came across your channel as I'm becoming more and more of a Chanel fan especially the vintage pieces. I see you haven't posted in awhile, any chance you plan to continue posting more comparisons? And BTW thanks for all the tips really helps me while I''m shopping for vintage!

MaydayMayday Mayday says:

Can you make a video for Diana vintage bag?

MaydayMayday Mayday says:

Can you make a video for Diana vintage bag?

Rusty Shackleford says:

You make the most thorough videos on this subject, thank you for your work!

Anna Majewska says:

Hello, I have an old Chanel bag. I'm not sure if it really is. I can send you photos and ask for your opinion

Βίκη Κακαβά says:

The fake one is nicer

janice onwenu says:

Also the gold plating is lighter in color on more recently released bags as opposed to the vintage version of practically all Chanel classic bags with gold hardware.

janice onwenu says:

I’m sorry, you popped up and I just decided to watch.
You have to be more informed before making these types of videos. It is very apparent that you are very well versed and experienced in vintage chanel bags, but you are very out of touch and not up to date when it comes down to the recent design and specifications included in the more recently released/ modern bags. You can not compare nor begin to authenticate a classic Chanel by doing a side by side with a vintage. There have just been too many updates done to the more recent styles of chanel handbags.

In my opinion you should either delete or redo this video. The white bag is an apparent fake. But please, the top stitching on the perimeter of the classics are very present on bags currently in the boutique, also the stitch count is no longer as high.

You’re an “expert” and recognized that one bag was vintage and the other was not. So how do you not know at least the simple things?
You do great work in terms of explaining and giving details, but based on your lack of knowledge I would not pay you to authenticate any bag or item of mine. You just have to do your research and know what you’re talking about. Period.

Lad Gaddh says:

Great video! If the turnlock has a hologram stamp on it but inside says made in Italy, does that mean the bag is fake?

Realteachd says:


I have a 4 series just like the black one in the video. But the hot stamp is on the pocket. Are you saying this is not authentic? I purchased it from the Real Real. I have had to return a couple bags prior that were not authentic they have sold me.

Iris Loer says:

Heyy can you send my the link of the chanel bag? I love that bag so much!! My email is: ❤️❤️

Late for the Party says:

I want to see a comparison between a very high quality fake and an authentic. THAT is what we can be fooled by. Love your channel.

Angela Silver says:

Hi Winnie. Thank u for this very informative video. I love the classic vintage mini bags, so beautiful. I've been on the hunt for one for over a month lol. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa Kowalski says:

Needs more zoom in on products.

K6 says:

hope you reported that person for selling a fake bag. sad you were tricked..

Bailey Tenerovich says:

A very knowledgeable breakdown of the differences between these bags. However, I do wonder if this kind of information will only help black market sellers create better replicas or if there are more details that you don't mention that can be used to distinguish real from fake? I'm sure it would be nearly impossible to imitate every single detail and the true refined quality of an authentic Chanel bag, so hopefully these super fakes will stay very rare.

momojelly8 says:

Thanks for the video.
I've been in search for a 7" but I've noticed in the newer versions they have dropped their stitch count to around 9.
not over the 10 where the vintage ones tends to. Do you find that happening?

momojelly8 says:

Thanks for the video.
I've been in search for a 7" but I've noticed in the newer versions they have dropped their stitch count to around 9.
not over the 10 where the vintage ones tends to. Do you find that happening?

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