CHANEL essential bag selection

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CHANEL essential bag selection

seasonal mini flap fw13 black lambskin GHW
WOC black caviar GHW
small timeless classic double flap black caviar GHW
GST XL black caviar GHW

As for CHANEL marking up their prices to “even out a bit more (or as they call it “to harmonise”) their worldwide pricing” (because they are planning to pass over to e-com) I say they could have just as well lowered their prices not ony in Asia/Russia but also in the US, instead of raising the prices in Europe. Its all just greed and that is the part of CHANEL that I don’t like.

As for going into e-com: the instant CHANEL enters e-com with their accessories and leather goods I am afraid the quality of their product will diminish even further. We are already experiencing lower quality since 2009. It took me three bags to get to the perfect (non defect) condition small double timeless classic caviar flap! Can you imagine the hassle I would have had if I ordered it online and had to return three bags till I got a non defect one?

But we shall see… the future is still shrowded in mystery at this point.

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mlee says:

Nice collection. Question though, do you keep these as collection items or do you actually use them?

Lusting Luxuries - Diary of a Bagaholic says:

Gorgeous pieces! Love how you wear them ?

EvaInTheCity says:

fantastic collection – I've never seen the large get before, its stunning! Thanks for sharing, i also love how you wear your flap bag and w.o.c. in such a unique way :)

rosepasadena says:

wow I love all of you Chanel.Thanks for sharing.

porcher buchanan says:

Look forward to seeing your colour collection ?. #chaneloverdose x

bostonjetset says:

I have never been a big fan of Chanel bags on men [other than the O case] but you really rock these! What fun style you have! I love how you mix the feminine luxury of a classic Chanel piece with a masculine street style. Truly fabulous!

tabi watts says:

omg love! love!! love!!! love them all and you too.xx

LVlover cc says:

Very beautiful classy Chanel pieces!!!! Love them all! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo cc

Xinxin Ren says:

Haha It's quite good!
I had never thought that a boy would fit on Chanel so much!

Carolyn Divine says:

You are awesome. I hope to build a nice collection like yours. Thanks for the tips.

justalilsparkle78 says:

omg chanel orgasm!  i want one sooooo badly. you are so  fab btw

TheMidnight Condessa says:

Wtf you're a GUY, Hello?

bopha rou says:

very nice collection …so jaslous

Mary N says:

omg. love. want. want. sad face. one day!

Pamela Ko says:

How fun!  Very classy!

jesus “jjmr” rodriguez says:

How much is the small one?

Mandira Popat says:

Gorgeous collection. Loved the video and your confidence. 

andring santos says:

Where dis you get that jacket? Is it neoprene?

amin zanudin says:

C'est impressionant!

Davil Peewee says:

Chanel bag 

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