Chanel | Cruise 2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Chanel | Cruise 2020 (The Grand Palais – Paris) by Virginie Viard | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – All aboard the Chanel Express!)

Martin Felix Kaczmarski – Marina Club/Sky Lounge/Sun Deck
Jair Claudino Rodrigues Junior – Praia E Sol

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Sofia Khuako says:

WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE MUSIC ????????((((((((((((((

Furmston Family says:

How's the audience dizzy?😂

NEWS says:

boring collection to safe for the transition

Damien Carter says:

I absolutely adore the pink leather coat!!!!

Damaris Sànchez says:

Excelente colección ❤️

Farah Legacci says:

I love it😍

Asunciona Vera Guggiari says:

Always iconic


Omg 😍Amazing

Zenobia Beckley says:

Love channel 😍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

elizabeth jimenez says:

Espectacular Desfile. Digna sucesora. Karl estaría muy orgulloso. BRAVO.

Kay Stewart says:

This collection is awful

marcos gonza says:

jajajajajaja, estos desfiles asi, medio como para solo se ve por web y casi, por favor!!!! que les pasa? gastan mas en producción escenográfica que en buenas telas y buenos diseños. en particular, channel, debería ya de una vez por todas poder sacarse el estilo "margorie simpson" digo cuando se compro un saco que es un emblema, lo que no significa que se repita 2000000000 de veces!!!!!

Zhewei Wu says:

Don’t like the music though

leo journo says:


mr 1000faces says:

prada and gucci take note: this is how you design a cruise collection

Wenham Ong says:

this is the first time that i want to appreciate this brand though.

Tony Valenzagsgxgvg gege bgsefeetwetd n says:

Bellísima sfilata . tropo chic

Shira Navon says:

Gave a chance for the new designer and wasn’t disappointed 👍

Moca 12 says:

Karl will always hold a special place in the fashion world, but he was never selfish and wants beauty through fashion to continue, prosper and flourish and he has proven that by choosing his replacement wisely. Virginie keeps Chanel fresh and lovely and this show proves it, well done.

Rainiero DLSC says:

Confirmed with this collection: The Kaiser is gone. (music almost as bad as the designs). Let the market judge this new normal at Chanel. This could be H & M. Industry slaves and propagandists, go take a hike!

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