CHANEL Cruise 2013-2014

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CHANEL Cruise 2013-2014 Full womenswear runway collection in Singapore.

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Ziyi Qin says:

Love it!!!

Luisa giuliana says:



So many fab pearls. oh my!

Ana Cristina ferreira Rebelo says:

CHANEL Cruise 2013-2014

Silvia Oliveira says:

Muito lindo!!!!

lollipopfop says:

The fact is the venue actually contrasts perfectly with the clothing. Its
not Chanels is trying to show off Singapore. Its showing off the
collection. And Singapore is NOT Paris. Its a very different place. I think
its just that people who live there want the world to think of their city
as fancy and wealthy, and this upsets them, because people who are not from
there mostly love the location.

Charlie Valentine says:

Chanel knows that their fashion can only be “affordable” to a certain
“fews” or the so-called “elite”, so Largafield just goes ahead and stops
trying all together. After all, negative comments to his “designs” might be
considered as “poor taste”. Yeah, you heard it right, everything Karl-made
is “GENIUS” .

EGO centric says:

Que musica de mierda para una coleccion crucero…

bayoucool says:

I seriously think, that we’ve all been spoiled by Chanel presenting all
their collections in such grand, and over the top spaces, that when they
choose to present in a run down, yet utterly romantic place, we all feel
it’s crap. Why can’t it be a simple venue once in a while?!! Remember it’s
about the clothes, not the venue!!!

Manuel Ruiz says:


Salobrena Smith says:

The ladies fashion pieces are beautiful, but why the scary zombie hair and
make up on them. Is pretty a four letter word now?

lollipopfop says:

Those stiff fabrics work darn well with the wide legged, higher waist hip
emphasizing pants. Cute, and I am sure it will be copied by everyone and
their granny in no time. he is a genius.

bayoucool says:

I’m so glad you understood the staging and concept!

clay byrd says:

FUCKING BRILLIANT, the end ‘ Thank You Bayoucool

m dl says:

I don’t see the point of traveling all the way to Singapore to end up using
that run down place. Ok collection, time for Lagerfeld to go, his way too
repetitive and at this point unoriginal. I know a lot of people will
disagree with me, but fashion is about moving forward and evolving, and
Chanel is not Karl Lagerfeld, is Coco, she’s the founder and the base for
the house to exist, whoever comes to Chanel is just supposed to continue
her legacy. Anyway, time to go and bring someone fresh.

MrRebelliousboy1987 says:

shame on the singapore runway~ so unglam~ the front row ppl are just to

EGO centric says:


lollipopfop says:

Its just that people have so little imagination these days that they think
anything thats not crystal chandeliers or plush carpets is not
beautiful…and of course the sour grapes from people who live in Singapore
who wanted to have their city shown off…

bayoucool says:

Soundtrack: Los Samplers: “Mambo Brillante” Willy Moon: “Shakin’ All Over”
Kid Creole and The Coconuts: “I’m a Wonderful Thing Baby” Lizzy Mercier
Descloux: “Wawa”

Trévon Williams says:

I always love Chanel’s soundtracks

keepItreal923 says:

yeah cool story…it’s run down.

Alejandra Sartori says:

Ugly música oh my head .schow is fantástic.

Tanvir Ahmed says:

it’s awesome!

fitnessmaniac5 says:

This is turning into clothes for old farts. Bland. boring. slobby.

bayoucool says:

That isn’t some run down place. That place is Loewen Cluster, a former
nutmeg plantation. The venue was on a hilly plain and entry was via a
gravel path that opened into a rainforest clearing housing two
thatch-roofed huts doing double duty as bars, and a colonial-style
black-and-white bungalow with multiple wings. The backdrop of the show was
a semi-run-down wing of the manor, which came with stark concrete floors
and walls with peeling paint, though warm yellow lighting gave it a
pleasant hue

Charlie Valentine says:


Luis Garcia says:

i just love an army of chanel models at a finale

EGO centric says:

Joan blond? th new Beyonce?

Kian Bin Kuah says:

I’d say this is a wrong place totally wrong place that bring the whole
collection run down. Although i am from Singapore there are many places and
why held at Loewen Cluster? I have seen lot of Chanel show this is the
worst ever i am sorry to say it show doesnt impress me…shame to the
organizer in Singapore! ask them to compare Chanel show in Beijing and

Sartoria Antonio Moliterni says:

l’anima di mademoiselle è sempre presente

Brian Evans says:

I gotta say I’ve been a big fan of Karl Lagerfeld. However this collection
is not at the top of my list. Now models are a size 2? and the garments
swallowed them whole not flattering at all.

Codi Morgan says:

Ugh, the music got a little annoying, other than that, the show amazing! I
totally agree that CHANEL did something completely different.

sixtou78 says:

cameras and phones should be forbidden for people who attend the show…

twittergirl says:

شي حلو الكولكشن كله تجنن

Nik8157 says:

Karl is great

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