CHANEL Collective Makeup Haul

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TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi, eigentlich überall… bei Douglas, Karstadt, Galeria Kaufhof, online und auch wenn ich im Ausland bin. Danke für dein Interesse, wünsche dir noch ein schönes Wochenende und viel Glück bei der Suche xoxo LB

Amelonado says:

wo kaufst du deine Chanel produkte?

MsRedBottoms says:

The cream blushes are amazing!!!!! Very popular seller at my chanel counter 🙂 I love them

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hey Doll, thank you so much : ) i purchased one of the new cream blushes from the fall collection sooo beautiful. I can´t wait to see the new packaging for the lipsticks. Love getting your feedback, wishing you a wonderful day xoxo LB

MsRedBottoms says:

I work for chanel and love watching your chanel hauls and reviews. Wait until you see the new fall and holiday collections of makeup coming soon!!!! The new packaging for the lipsticks are some GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

prettywild13 says:

I love Chanel cosmetics so much, and you make me crave MORE! LOL. 🙂 You are so gorgeous and I love your videos.

Amina Nuesch says:

where are you doll? miss you big time

Stephany Richards says:

Do you have give aways?

Alice Sunshine says:

You are so gorgeous! 🙂

blackrraine says:

Do you feel that these pricier polishes last longer than their cheaper counterparts?

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Susan, thank you : ) I am always happy to see a comment from you, Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, much love xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Tiffany, thank you so much hun : ) It´s true though, it was not very long ago that Chanel came out with colours for WOC. Chanel does cover a good amount of shades with their Perfection Lumière. I wear the colour 114 Ambré Foundation and it goes up to 154 Ambré the darkest shade. It is a good foundation, you can ask your counter for sample to try it out. If you do decide to give it a try keep me posted. Thanks for always showing so much love xoxo LB

libra1375 says:

You are so fabulous and beautiful! I just love watching you and find myself smiling the entire video.. I have never purchased any Chanel makeup but your video has definitely opened my eyes. For some reason I didn’t think they had shades that complimented dark skin but I was wrong!

zoe jumalai says:

Love it!!!! -3

zoe jumalai says:

Woww nice haul!!!!! I just love it

germankiwigal says:

After watching some videos from young, loud and brash make-up “gurus” on here it is always so soothing to come back to your classy videos. 🙂

debbick1 says:

Great haul, love the Le Volume mascara! xoxoDeb

Veryirresistible88 says:

wow……….love it<3<3<3<3

beachgirltake2 says:

Great haul! I love my Chanel nail polish. It is so easy to apply and dries quickly. The lipstick you bought is so pretty. I’m adding it to my list so I can try it out at my Chanel counter. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

millybells says:

nice colours of make-up xx love the shade 99 lipstick i may try this shade of red xx

delacotta360 says:

Love all your color with your darling outfit! Love all your Treats, and so nice to have gotten such good samples. Thank you for a beautiful relaxing video. You always do them so well. Love, Susan

arial2beautyWiz says:

big LOVE! <3

Duncan Allan says:

Your such a lovely youtuber and you have an amazing Channel xx

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hey Gorgeous, thank you : )  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Much Love xoxo LB

Shackara Nicol says:

Nice haul.. Looooove Chanel Cosmetics.

TheLuxeBabe says:

I will !! Thank you, Wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you so much, i really appreciate that. Much love xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you for letting me share, wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

That is so true, the eyeliner has a very soft & creamy texture. Love it!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Alee, thank you : ) Totally agree with you, the illuminating powder is just gorgeous!! My sister also picked up the powder she could not resist too: ) I think you are going to love the lipstick, keep me posted ; ) Love ya, xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Doll, i always use a base on my lids Urban Decay or Nars Primer. I meant the quality of Chanel eyeshadow quads 2yrs ago, even with a base i had fall out. That´s why i have not purchased any of the quads till today, i only use to purchase the singles. They have since then reformulated the eyeshadows. Now i can´t wait to try more : ) Thank you so much for commenting, wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you hun, wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

DollHouse258 says:

Do you wear a base on your eye lids to help reduce fall out? If not, I would suggest Lancome’s. I have 10 Noir mascara by Chanel….I love it!

aleesang says:

Chanel Haul! Fabulous! Adored all the Chanel goodies, makes me want to buy some more of their nail polishes 🙂 Isn’t the Illuminating powder so gorgeous?! Trying to not use it too much because it’s too pretty to use! Will be adding that burgundy coloured lipstick to my wish list! Hope you’re having a great weekend, lovely! <3 xox

nauticalbutnice1 says:

you look wonderful as always! Great products xoxo

pinkcaramelle says:

Great picks! Temptation is around the corner.
Will yo do any make-up tutorial featuring products from one specific brand one day?
I would love to see one;

Barbora Tokošová says:

This was a great haul. You are such an inspiring and elegant person. I am always so happy when you post a video. I was wondering if you could do a make up collection and storage video, because I am really curious what it looks like and I think not only me, but a lot of people. Do you plan od doing something like that? 🙂 Thank you, have a nice day.

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