Chanel Collection and Overview – Requested

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Another requested video: this time on my Chanel handbag collection. The halfmoom wallet on a chain, the cerf tote, and the jumbo maxi flip bag are the three …

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Mary Hanson says:


MsSj2009 says:

I don’t, I actually haven’t used it yet

Mary Hanson says:

I’m so glad!  Do you use it as an everyday bag?

MsSj2009 says:

Thanks for the video- so informative! Bought the jumbo maxi after your video and LOVE it:)

Mary Hanson says:

Just the Alma.  I had picked up a Michael Kors Selma bag but I returned it. I have enough:).

mrnm2000 says:

Thanks, I look forward to it, Also, have you purchased any other bags recently? if so please show them id love to see them

Mary Hanson says:

I’ll be happy to. Thank you for the request!

mrnm2000 says:

Please make a video on the alma u got

fairylove2007 says:

Where did you purchase these bags

Mary Hanson says:

top_quality_boutique from eBay…I hope that helps.

sophieluvsmommy77 says:

what website did you buy your pre loved jumbo maxi from ??

Mary Hanson says:

Thank you, Sweetie. I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Peggy Zou says:

Haha u really like the cc logo! I like it too 😛
All of them are very classical and uncommon… love that!

Mary Hanson says:

Thank you:).

Showermewithflowers says:

Looooooooooove it

Mary Hanson says:


siwueofk says:

What designer is your glasses?

Mary Hanson says:

My pleasure. Thank you!

sher29bear says:

Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing.

Katinka Palinka says:

Thank you, that helps! Have to have it :)!

Mary Hanson says:

Thank you, Sweetie!

Mary Hanson says:

It looks like the Tiffany’s charm bracelet in which you can take charms on and off. On the charm bracelet is a lock from Tiffany’s as well as two James Avery Charms that reads: God be with us together and apart”. The small beaded bracelet is also Tiffany’s. Thanks for asking. I hope that helps.

Katinka Palinka says:

Could you please tell me where you got the beautiful bracelet you are wearing on your right wrist?

lyleesmomma says:

OMG!!! that bag is AMMMAAAZZZ!!

Mary Hanson says:

I woul be happy to share if only I remembered. It was a long time ago and I can’t locate it in my purchase history off eBay as it’s been too long. I’m so sorry I am not better help to you.

Deb Lee says:

Do you mind sharing where you got the half moon clutch? I went to NM at Willow Bend and they have been sold out for a long time.

Mary Hanson says:

Thank you!~

KhamPrincess says:

love your collection

Mary Hanson says:

I’m so glad. Congratulations on your new amazing bag!!!

archie5020 says:

thanks your videos are so informative I love watching them and followed some of your recommendations just got chanel classic double flap in black caviar and I am loving it!

DoraaaaC says:

Talk too much

KandyKipty123 says:

“Covet” means that you want them. You already have them…so you used the word wrong

Mizhershe Ehsrehzim says:

I love the classic Chanel bag quilted double flap bag! But I don’t think I’m game enough to pay over $2.5k on a bag 🙁

Mary Hanson says:

My pleasure. Thank you!!

Sher Barb says:

Love your videos!! Good information if you are in the market for one of these bags…the pros and cons of each…thank you!

Mary Hanson says:

Try Top Quality Boutique on eBay. I hope that helps:).

sandyrobles10 says:

Where do you buy your chanel bags? Online

Mary Hanson says:

How exciting for you! Thank you for your kindness as it is appreciated.

SuperSweetgirl007 says:

Just purchase a vintage 80s/90s Chanel cross body bag in lambskin! I would have loved to get the jumbo maxi but that will have to wait! I love your videos and how you come across! Thank you for sharing!

Mary Hanson says:

My pleasure. And I agree with you that it is difficult to know who to trust on these bags. I wish I were more knowledgable on the subject. Hope you are doing well.

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