CHANEL Classic Jumbo Caviar in black with gold hardware

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Beautiful CHANEL Classic Jumbo Caviar in black with gold hardware.

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flowerfloss180 says:

I LOVE the caviar leather! The lambskins are so fragile! GOOD CHOICE!

Sanna Yuen says:

Hi! May I ask you something? Is this bag in same model as “Classic flap bag” A58600? I´m 5´7´ and planning to buy the biggest one but I´m thin and my mum is telling med the smaller model fits me better. Congratulations and thanks for answering!!!

Chau Ng says:

hi! It is gorgeous! How much does it cost ? I live in Canada. Where can i buy this bag?

Magnoliaperfume says:

I’m 5’5″, I’m really loving this bag too. So worth it, you will use it for ever. Thanks!!

PassionateArtista says:

how tall r u girl? so in love with that bag!

Magnoliaperfume says:


Aya Ambiyosa says:

Soooooo pretty! Love it:)

Magnoliaperfume says:

yes, I feel lucky. I got mine from Neiman Marcus 🙂

delatina says:

oh gosh $5K plus O___O drools you are lucky. im buying my first chanel bag soon hehe where did you buy it?

Magnoliaperfume says:

Thank you:)

Showermewithflowers says:

Beautiful beautiful bag.

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