Chanel Classic Flap Size Comparison | Jumbo, M/L, Mini, Square Mini

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One of the most classic bags of all time… the Chanel Classic Flap! I compare the 4 most popular sizes to help your shopping decision 😉 I have show what you can fit and other considerations on the Jumbo, M/L, Rectangular Mini, and Square Mini. For reference, I am 5’4!

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This video is not sponsored (lol, I wish). All my opinions are 100% honest!

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Faith Marrett says:

Omg you putting everything in gave me anxiety but nice review

Maria Chrystal Pinlac says:

My dream bags..hopefully I can get one..thank you for showing them all😱💗👜

Happy Carlsons says:

What a wonderful bag! 🎬

dancegurl5501 says:

More luxury bag videos!!

niicole hui says:

i like your white sweater!! what did you get it?

Julie says:

What do you think of the Boy Bag  ? Btw, where is your sweater from ? It's soooo pretty 😍 xxx

Trace Trace says:

Love your hair!!! 😍
Which size is your favourite??

Jennifer Lee says:

Your pro and cons really makes sense. Thank you so much for informing all of us.

Назым Максатбеков says:

You are so beautiful and you make cool videos

Liz Wang says:

is the square mini cavier or lambskin? thanks!

hellojess says:

hi sylvia! have you considered getting the WOC? love your videos!!

ThatsLuxe says:

Auto like and auto play. Duh! Love you and this. Always. 😘😘

Eden Sam says:

Great 👍 video except you’re swiveling that chair of yours is very distracting.

Lisa Ho says:

This could not have come at a better time!!! Buying my first one very soon 😍😍

WinterBerry says:

LOL! “If you have a case, you’re screwed.” This was very helpful, thanks for the video!

Kate O says:

How tall are you Sylvia? Would be nice to know for size reference… ❤️

Hong Van Vo says:

Love ❤️ is this video so much

Eileen Zhou says:

is there a reason you chose the double flap for the jumbo and medium-large bags?

Jbv65 says:

There is a reissue 226 that is 11 x 7 which is one inch shorter and one inch less wide than the jumbo. It is less boxy and the chain is perfect as it is not nearly as long as the jumbo. I am 5’4 and it is perfect for shoulder and cross body. The chain is beautiful. It is still a classic double flap with Burgandy interior but it has the mademosil lock and not the CC.

jel p says:

You are so gorgeous 😍

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