Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo Unboxing

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mrsbibilove says:

my life is now complete….

The Glamorous Life says:

Dying here!! LOVE THIS BAG with the silver hardware! You will LOVE using
this one on a daily basis. I thought of just using mine occasionally but I
just feel so luxe using why not right? lol I have been even wearing
mine cross body ( never thought I would do that lol) but its perfect to be
hands free. Im so glad you’re back, I missed your face! Kat xx

ddgladiva says:

So fabulous ! Yes, there was definitely something wrong with that GST and
you were right to return it. I’ve had mine for 1.5-2 years and it looks
nothing like that. Totally agree with having the two different sizes and
the hardware choice. These would be my exact choices) and I also “need” a
red flap with silver hardware, lol). Enjoy your new bag Hunni. 

Mina Irfan says:

wow love it!!!! Added to my wishlist!

trina leavers says:

sooooo gorjus huni,i just love them both xoxoxoxo

ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

Oh my MissBiBi… These bags are gorgeous!!! Both look great on you. I’m so
glad you were able to exchange and get your dream bag. It’s beautiful and
looks so classy and sexy on you. I agree with your thought process on the
gold-tone vs the silver hardware. It gives the same bag two totally
different looks.

On another note…You look absolutely beautiful as always and glad to see
you here.

matthewlikesLV says:

Gorgeous. Congratulations. I feel I need to add some more chanel to my life
this year. Wear it in good health. I had a lot of second hand excitement
watching this!

John Bean says:

Yay! That’s a beautiful piece. And the silver hardware is really pretty.
Keep these vids coming girlfriend! Way too long from the last vid :-(

Zolushka Bold says:

Congratz!!! Soo gorgeous!!! my dream bag :)

Linda Klinton says:

Amazing bags hun. Congrats to your new bag ❤️. Xoxo

emilieclarke says:

Good for you for sticking to your guns at CHANEL. My GST didn’t sag that
much! Damn! 

ReinventingMoi says:

Yay! So happy to see you again 🙂 I like the different hardware . 

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Lovely. Congratulations. You have the best of both worlds (in gold
and silver hardware). Thanks for sharing :-))

MSpanders10 says:

So glad to see you on YouTube sweetie, love your new Jumbo, it’s gorgeous
in the silver hardware. I don’t blame you for returning the GST for the
amount you pay it’s should be perfect for a very long time. 

Coka Rabbit says:

OMG congrats to your new gorgeous babe!!! It’s sooooo beautiful !!!! You
rock Chanel!!!

Maria Q says:

Glad to see you back! loved that you were filming while you had guests
waiting, you are just toooo funny! I love your new bag with silver
hardware, completely agree with you, looks more casual for day wear. I
understand you are very busy with your young family:-) by the way on
instagram i am lvstyle5:-)

Butterflytennis says:

Bibi, your back! It’s good to know Chanel stands by its products and
exchanged your GST out. So fun to watch your unboxing. It’s beautiful.
Congratulations. Enjoy your new baby and thanks for sharing!

kvloveslv says:


StyleByZaza says:

You’re obsessed with handbags and I’m obsessed with shoes! By the way, I
prefer silver hardware over gold. ;)

michelle haywood says:

yaaay!! you are back! looking gorgeous and congratulations, simply
stunning!! thanks so much for sharing!! ps Happy New Year!! all the best to
you and your family!

Tasari says:

Omg lovely bag its soo classic and timeless u will enjoy xoxo contras!!

Celita Guia says:

I love your Jumbo with the silver hardware and the sound of the leather is
great! I love that sound and the chain sound I just wish I had a Chanel to
make them for me…. lol. You are such a sweety and we all understand that
you have a young family and time just slips out from you. It is great to
see you back though and hope to see more videos when you can. Have a
wonderful weekend!!

Minks4All says:

Yay!!!! Congrats Bibi!! She’s S T U N N I N G ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Karen West says:

Are you in the shower,can’t stop laughing ,love the new bag,they are both
beautiful,hope you get the GST later it is a beautiful bag enjoy honey xxx

Lady B says:

congrats on getting your new baby, very happy for you. Enjoy your baby in
good health and nice to see you back. Take care

Deborah Gibson says:

Thank you beautiful lady! You are so gracious and make me smile every time
I watch one of your videos. You are probably the best Mom ever! Hugs and
blessings in 2015,

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

No belly insight. Devine pieces, shame about the GST though.

CapeCodBelle says:

Both bags are gorgeous!! Please consider doing a comparison video,
including what fits inside. I love the Jumbo for everyday, but the medium
is a better size for going out at night. Which one should a girl choose if
she can only get one??

The Glamorous Life says:

Had to comment again ( lol) Im now watching you with both Chanels and I did
the same thing with both my pink bags ( med/large and jumbo) but Im
actually selling my Med/large because Im just not a fan..on you its
gorgeous though! 

Nettie Ward says:

They are both beautiful bags, their CHANEL 😀 Sorry to hear about the GST
though. Love those PJs so cute 🙂 xoxo

Stanleydragonjr says:

Love both bags ,I’m glad you got two bags that you can use,all the best to
you and your family,doggies too!use them in the best of health

LVlover cc says:

Missed you dear! So happy for you! Looking gorgeous! 

Justahawaiigirl says:

Wow! Congrats…they’re both beautiful! And I agree with you, I love the
med/large on a single strap and the jumbo for every day!

sophia storer says:

I totally get why you would want them both! They’re GORGEOUS! :)Couldn’t
agree more with you on the jumbo being everyday 🙂 p.s. Have you ever
thought of a boy bag? What made you want another classic? 

FancyPantsStyle says:

Wow! The jumbo is so beautiful! Congrats!

pursejunky says:

so happy for you! gorgeous! bag twinies!!

Sandra Hutchinson says:

Both bags look lovely on you hun, but I don’t like chanel bags because I’ve
seen a few recently, I was thinking of buying gst and they just goes
horrible tatty and floppy! Lv bags looks much better with age! 

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