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bjtaylor02 says:

Beautiful items. Chanel packages so nicely. Congrats on winning the
giveaway. I love the Hawaii luggage tags :)

ddgladiva says:

Yaay, so glad you were able to get the earrings ! Guess it was your lucky
day. Love everything you got, now you make me want to go shopping
again(which I’m not supposed to be doing, lol). Thanks so much for
mentioning me, you’re so sweet. Have a great week Doll

pink2paris says:

Wonderful video and thanks for sharing!! All of the items are gorgeous!!
Have a great day!! :)

onlyyumul says:

Nice video to start 2014 off! Glad to have you back after a long month
haha. Looove the Lanvin necklace, it’s gorgg 🙂 Have a nice day doll xoxo,

A Yvonne says:

Great video!! I am in love with the bag behind your head in the shot, is
that Hermes/Prada?Givenchy? BTW the packaging from Chanel is always so
gorgeous, I so agree!!

saavedrastyles says:

Gorgeous items! Love the Tom Ford nail polish too : )

brandilovesbeauty says:

that card holder is to die for! gorgeous! i also love those logo studs!

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Lovely Lady. I am so happy to see you back on YT. Happy New Year to
you. I always love your hauls. You have some of the loveliest pieces.
You and Rachel of Miami is the reason that I am saving up my coins to get
something from Chanel. I absolutely love the card holder. It is the
perfect size of the Alma BB I just purchased. I will be looking for more
of your videos. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. xoxo


Great to see u, beautiful pieces absolutely love the card holder so pretty

luxuryandlipgloss says:

Absolutely gorgeous pieces! By any chance, do you have an LV cles that you
can compare the card holder to? I’m just curious about sizing.

Penumbra Doll says:

Oh & congratulations on the win! lol, i know what u mean though about
entering 😉 

Miriam Escurra says:

Good for you. Enjoy you prize, and thank you for share with us this video.
Greeting from Pennsylvania .

Imanthepeep says:

Beautiful you:) thank you for sharing with us, the LV luggage tag is
lovely! I have never seen it before.
Did I say you look drop dead gorgeous?;)

BobbyLovesLV says:

I have a chanel patent leather card wallet too and it’s beautiful. It’s
absolutely gorgeous. 

Thersch says:

Im really curious, how much are those earrings? Im wantinf to ask for a
pair for this vday but i’d like to know how much they are first. Thanks!

urbansketch94 says:

Nice to see you again with a Chanel unboxing!!! I love your haul/unboxing
videos. I LOVE the earrings. Have you perhaps heard of Trina Leavers here
on YouTube? She does extravagant Chanel unboxing videos and reviews too.
I think she has the biggest Chanel collection here on YouTube. I thought
you would love to see her videos since you love Chanel so much.

louisv83 says:

Thanks for entering my contest!!! Im so happy the luggage tag got there so
quick. Congrats again for winning my giveaway. I hope that it stays in
your collection forever :). Have a great weekend.

Penumbra Doll says:

Love how they package everything – so elegant. Loving the earrings & little
wallet 😉 Your necklace is stunning! x T

Mojintouch says:

You look stunning Love . Busy is definitely good, I agree.

Jessica Davis says:

I have the same logo earring-LOVE! 

belindaroy says:

finally a new video:)

LizaMTL says:

Gorgeous haul, as usual. 🙂 

LeatherAndCashmere says:

That wallet is a dream. So gorgeous. And I adore your nail color! How would
you rate tom ford nail polishes?

Rhona G says:

That was fun. Lovely to have you back. All the earrings are stunning but
the CC’s….. stole my heart. And the wallet! I was fanning myself as it is
so pretty. Love you and your vids. Look forward to many more

syberdeeva says:

I love your videos. You have great taste.

MNicoleChic says:

Stunning card holder.

DeeDee DeLovely says:


Artsychicchick says:

Love your Chanel earrings and beautiful wallet. :-)

Bking228 says:

Omg!! Congrats on winning the giveaway LB!! that’s so awesome! You brighten
my day and smile! I missed you! lol You look absolutely beautiful & I love
your new Lanvin necklace and everything you showed! Enjoy it! <3 much love

Samadhi Herath says:

how much were the CC earrings, the classic ones, the last one that you
showed? I really like it and would like to get it :)

Fashion Underground says:

amazing video! i love the earrings, and the wallet is just beyond words!
the color is so stunning! 🙂 

50plus2013 says:


Eleasha.A says:

Your Chanel card holder is beautiful! x

hillsha40 says:

I love all of your items…such good taste..classic

AfrAKAnpearl says:

That Tom Ford nail polish is perfect on you! Great haul.

cadou27 says:

Love the earrings, I purchased the Guerlain meteorites & Chanel les beiges
powder after watching one of your videos and I am loving them. 

Almaz Weldesilassie says:

You are so classy. You picked beautiful items i love all earnings. 

AlexisssO says:

Can you do a video on your day job??? Or a more personal type of video?
Maybe advice for current college students haha. I love your videos and have
been watching for a while! I currently attend college at San Francisco
State University studying Business Marketing.Thanks (:

Tiny Nena says:

Can you do an update makeup collection

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