chanel boots and shoes collection

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chanel boots and shoes collection.

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trina roberts says:

they are great x

Chloe gemma Whish says:

wooo i have the cream ballerina flats, love them they never go out of style!

trina roberts says:

i love them also they are soooo pretty, it is so exciting to look forward to something so special xoxoxoxoxo

TheAnnoyingJames says:

I loooooooveeeeeeeee the cream ballerina flats! I’m saving to buy them as my Christmas splurge !

trina roberts says:

i am normaly a 38 and i have 8 pairs 6 of them 38 and the other 2 i had to go 38 1/2 , they are normaly good but just lately they are slightly snug ,but they do stretch with wear xoxoxoxoxoxo

TheBargainDistrict says:

Trina, are the ballet flats true to size or do you need to go a size higher? I just bought one and it is snug. Thanks

trina roberts says:

hi sheryl, i paid £355.00 for the black ,and £340.00 for the white on 6-7-2010, i think they are around £440.00 now regards trina xoxoxoxoxoxox

Sherly Lin says:

may I know how much u buy the black ballet shoes and the white and black one ? and when it is? thank you so much

trina roberts says:

yes i love them ,they are very comfy also xoxoxoxoxoxo

sorapolla says:

those cream sandals are to die for!!! and the ballet flats..fantastic!!

trina roberts says:

hi hun they were £1000.00 , they are soooo comfy i live in them in the winter xx

MisFashionBound says:

love the biker ones. how much did they cost?if u don’t mind me asking 🙂

trina roberts says:

thankyou hun xxxxxx

RaquelofMiami says:

Love them!

trina roberts says:

me to xxx

trina roberts says:

thankyou so much xxxx

trina roberts says:

i am very lucky , i am addicted to chanel,if there were only one designer i would want it to be chanel ,i cant get enough of it, and the biker boots are sooooooo comfy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

frankcakks says:

Those biker boots are so awesome!! You have so much Chanel, you are so lucky!!

peacef77 says:

thank you, blessings!

trina roberts says:

hi there, i find them comfortable but it depends on wich ones ,the quilted go very soft like slippers the others stay harder but , they are the only shoes i can put on from new and were all day without getting sore feet ,i just love mine i have , black, brown, cream, white and red so as you can see i love them , regards trina xoxoxo

peacef77 says:

love your collection! I tried the Chanel flats yesterday and i felt that the sole is too stiff, will it soften with time, are they really comfortable? thanks for your time.

trina roberts says:

thankyou so much for watching xoxoxoxo

The Fashionate says:

I just love your collection 🙂

Mihye Kim says:


trina roberts says:

so do i they are my favourites i could live in them lol

Mary Simone says:

Love the chanel ballet flats

trina roberts says:

thankyou so much toothfairy 329 xxxxxx

Toothfairy329 says:

Your shoe collection is just as beautiful as your handbag collection.

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