Chanel Beauty Haul

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byblos says:

Forgive the typo. I wanted to know your opinion on Diorskin Nude Foundation.

passionatereader77 says:

pretty nail polishes!

byblos says:

I really like Dior skin nude foundation. After watching your clip about Chanel foudation, I’d like to the major differences: Summer/Winter, coverage, etc. I love your channel and curious about new cosmetics.

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Mila, thank you so much ♥ This is one of my favourite lipsticks. Wishing you a awesome weekend LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thanks Doll, wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB ♥

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you Andrea, much Love xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Latoya, thank you ♥ Wishing you a great weekend xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you : )

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Cielle, thank you so much ♥ We do share a love for our nail polishes ; ) These colours are simply beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful weekend hun xoxo LB

TheHijabTraveler says:

i love your nail polish choices!!!! I’d love to have both of them, but it’s pricey for me 🙁 esp in Australia :/

Ana Gorgeous says:

hey girl i have a fashion channel on youtube , please check it out !!!

MissCielle101 says:

Hi hun, I just love to watch all of your videos, you are such a classy girl! I chose the same Chanel nail polishes as you did and I absolutely love them both even if I also love mostly pinks and pastels on my finger nails, on my toes these are prefect! Also I have been loving the hot pink and orange polishes from Dior (678 and 448) summer collection. If the Blue Bay eye shadow is still available I really think I need it, lol – it’s amazing!! And please do a Chanel nail polish collection!! xoxox

RaquelofMiami says:

I didn’t know the eye make removal could be use to remove lipstick.. Good Review! Love the blush cream in that color! Xo

Bebe R says:

Love all of your products…Nice makeup on you..lovely colors… What’s in the Lanvin box?….:). …Thanks for vid..

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hey Gorgeous! The Rouge Dior 766 Star Fuschia has been a fav of mine since 4yrs. Love this combo so much, i think you are the only one that ever took notice : ) Thank you so much ♥ The Chanel cream blushes are buildable, so you can apply it also with fingers and slowly build it up, then you can go in with your duo fiber blush & blend. I think it is gonna look fab on you! Wishing you a wonderful week xoxo LB♥

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Deb, i totally agree the cream blushes are amazing! Thank you so much : ) wishing you a wonderful week xoxo LB♥

LUXURY713 says:

xoxoxox love it

fruitfullone says:


Jamilah1117 says:

Would love to see your Chanel polish collection. Thanks in advance!

beachgirltake2 says:

I adore Chanel nail polishes, but for some reason, they make my nails peel. 🙁 I had Taboo and had a difficult time removing it – it seemed to stain a lot. Starlet and Lilis were colors that I loved wearing this spring and summer. I will take a look at the cream blushes the next time I’m at the Chanel counter. Enjoy your new products!

KateBeautySecret says:

would you please join my channel ,luxebabe? x ps i love youre video’s great job girl!

LaToya Bent says:

Your hair and makeup were beautiful, that lip color looks great on you! I loved the Chanel haul!

Naa Aa says:

you’re refreshing to watch. stay blessed and keep the video coming .and yes please do a chanel nail polish collection that would be such a treat.

Naa Aa says:

you’re refreshing to watch.  stay blessed and keep the video coming

Mizhershe Ehsrehzim says:

The curls really does suit you, looks very elegant and classy 🙂 I’m new with make up (late bloomers lol) but I like sticking to one brand only, same goes for my skin care, so I havent really checked out the Chanel products, how do they compare with Estee Lauder, in terms of price and quality?

michelle Christie says:

you are just so lovely! thanks for all of your videos! i purchased both the same chanel colors you did and i have been really enjoying them this summer! i actually only wear polish on my toes and i just love how both look with sandals… stunning chanel colors!!

sabauanda says:

Loove your makeup in this video, can you do an update perfume collection soon:D?or your top 3 summer fragrances, thank u, have a great day!!

onlyyumul says:

I see you wear that lip combo in most of your videos, and I have to say, it’s a good choice! It’s such a perfect vibrant color for your skin tone. I’m gonna try to see if it would work for my pale skin heehee. Loved the video as always 🙂 xoxo, OnlyYumul

TheStyleReport101 says:

Amazing haul. I also have azure and accessoire and they are gorgeous nail polishes. I still use Bifacil from Lancôme but since it’s finishing I bought chanel makeup remover and can’t wait to try it. Oh and next time you go to New York please tell us, because I would really like to buy Chanel Le Cotton and I was wondering if you could bring me one and of course I would pay you in advance, maybe through paypal. I live in Europe also 🙂

C Harvey says:

Hi LB…I am really obessing over your gold braclet watch…What type of watch is that in this video?  I love it

mcgbelles says:

I love the nail polishes from Chanel, they’re amazing, but don’t you love the Lilis Nail polish from the summer collection?

Ashley Flint says:

Yes please do a Chanel nail polish collection! You have so many great colors!!

skazkavesna says:

Oh great choice! )) Maybe you could shoe the samples they give you at the counter too? 😉

Kluermoi says:

I really love your videos, you have so much class and your are very humble from.what I see. Have a great week

Rosa Turner says:

Enjoyed the video!!! You look ‘So Pretty…your hair & makeup – Awesome GURL!
And YES PLEASE do the Chanel Nail Polish Collection “SOON” – looking forward to that!
Looking forward to your review on the Chanel Perfection Lumiere as well. Curious though…if you know, what is your shade in a Mac foundation???
I also can not wait to see what else you brought back from your New York trip!!!

Stay Blessed, Rosa

debbick1 says:

The cream blushes are amazing. Love how they look on the skin! xoxoDeb

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Doll, yes it does. As with most Chanel products so if you are sensitive to scents you may want to watch out for that. Great question thank you for asking, Wishing you a wonderful week xoxo LB : )

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you Jennie : ) The blouse i am wearing is from Zara currently on sale for a really good price ; ) Wishing you a wonderful week hun xoxo LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Gibrán, thank you so much : ) I like both foundations for different reasons & they are completely different from each other. Diorskin nude is a medium coverage foundation that is buildable. It has a hydrating formulation & good coverage so it is perfect for me in the colder months. Chanel Perfection lumière has a wider range when it comes to selecting your individual shade, in my next video you will see my reasons for liking Chanel as well. Love getting your feedback LB : )

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