CHANEL at the Opéra de Paris

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Reminiscent of Gabrielle Chanel’s ties with the dance world, CHANEL sponsored the opening of the new dance season at the Opéra de Paris. Keira Knightley, Marion Cotillard and Stacy Martin were invited to attend the dance performance with costumes created by Karl Lagerfeld.

– « Bolero »
Artist : Isao Tomita
Original Composer : Maurice Ravel
RCA Records 1980

– « Nothing Lives Forever »
Compositeurs : Kostas Hiras, Ted Kapa, Yannis Iliopoulos
Editeur : Bruton Music Ltd
Label : Lo Editions

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Aya Ahmed says:

Thank you CHANEL

Styling Profile says:

Love everything about this video. 💖😍😘

rye sim says:

What is the last song

Ninfa V. says:


Priscila Hernandez says:


Qandeel Baqir says:

😲😲 what a lush party

Edna De Jesus Lopes says:

thank you lovely

rolf s says:

Omg stunning
Can I get a ticket??

Cris O. says:

Aurélie Dupont… ça c’est l’elegance française. Je l’adore! Et de voir un petit peu du répertoire classique m’a trop manqué! Et le Palais Garnier magnifique comme toujours

ilana NY says:

Looked pretty, but I can't stand modern dance.

ingrid says:

Kiera K looks stunning

Joey Oliver says:

Thank goodness Kristen Stewart wasn't there. Im right down the street from the opera house for a few more days 🙂

Hanna Orion says:


Jennie f says:

Tres Bon ! Bonjour Chanel ! Kind regards to you Karl and Merci ~ Jennie

James W says:

I wanna smell Keira Knightley's feet!!!

Saiyed Fatima says:

Where is Kristen Stewart??

Fabrizio Anc says:

Where’s Karl Lagerfeld? Is he ill?

Alex))) says:

muses of chanel are incredible! good job!

Andres Moreno says:

Make Marion Cotillard the new face of Chanel, she is perfect for it.

Nicolas Muñoz says:

Forever Chanel ✨

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