Chanel and the diamond – Inside CHANEL

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In Chapter 3 of Inside CHANEL, discover how Gabrielle Chanel revolutionized the world of High Jewelry in 1932 when she presented a collection exclusively ded…

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u2good2b4gotn says:

What an awesome effect at the end! 3:19

Yanedt CN says:

Chanel and the diamond 

Ali makarove says:

poetic selection of words for gabrilla chanel just love it

Jennifer Perez says:

alsiyonealternate says:

Who is the guy carrying Coco on his shoulders at 3:00?

moorfo Zadia says:

Illuminati hidden face of satan…

fabulous1singervoice says:

3:12 perfection!

HaddenTheGreat says:


Dale Coleman says:

what is the name of the soundtrack?

fadi jaffar says:


nariko47 says:

I prefer crystals, not as precious, but sparkle more =)

乙天 仼 says:


宏凱 賴 says:

Chanel and the diamond – Inside CHANEL

sajohaynes says:

I want diamonds on my Wedding Day 5:17

Jennifer Perez says:

I’m in love with her energy seriously.

MidnightRose2000 says:

(^o^) An elegant ad

LiveOnStage says:

I love this voice <3

1926lady says:

The music is still too loud and very distracting. Sorrowfully I had to stop

Margo Scarlet says:

not sure then.

isingtomyownbeat08 says:

No, they also uploaded the English version and removed it because I
remember watching it, and clearly others do too.

Margo Scarlet says:

the other version was in french. this is translated.

l0vewallfl0wer says:

Just like Marina and the diamonds, ahha

Yves Saint Braen Laurent says:


rosmy piñango says:

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttt <3

itshinesbrighter says:

I love her voice. It’s so majestic and graceful.

Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti says:


완희 김 says:

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ song??

DjBLaKSponge says:

cuz its fuckin awesome

Noti Espectaculos Agencia de Noticias says:

Chanel and the diamond – Inside CHANEL

shnjushnjushnju says:


ec796 says:

Such a great video

Marisol Zaragoza says:

because the language

TopTastyFudge says:


TortugaLuv says:

What about those that can’t afford diamonds and Chanel?

isingtomyownbeat08 says:

This was already uploaded? I remember seeing it, why the reupload?

Leonardo Mendoza says:

where do I find the music?

gnopsbob says:


nitagig says:


Libbertin says:

Song please?

akittypie says:

very nice

Johngracebep says:

She Changed the world of fashion in only a couple of short years creating
the finest of everything love you coco

Zebadiah Butterfield says:

Love Chanel! Long live coco chanel!

Gabriel Spinelli says:

Incrívelmente belo… supérfluo e complexo e ao mesmo tempo simples e

Pascal B says:

In the blog le lyon dans la penderie

mothmedicine says:

it was reuploaded because the original had an image that portrayed slavery.
highly likely to be unintentional.

BLBrooks59 says:

Chanel #5 is my choice of perfumes, its the ONLY perfume I wear out of all
the perfumes made. Chanel #5 It’s as soft as a whisper.

LaChanelphile says:

“If I have chosen the diamond, it is because it represents, in its density,
the greatest value in the smallest volume.” BRILLIANT.

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