Chanel (ALISA) vs Take (Kazumi) ➤ Rizin 13 ➤ Tekken 7

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ROX Chanel (ALISA) vs Take (Kazumi) ➤ Rizin 13 ➤ Tekken 7
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On my channel you can find a lot of tekken 7 matches from the tekken world Tour. In addition a lot of highlights and compilation videos of some of the greatest tekken players like Knee, Chanel, Jeondding, JDCR, saint, Lil Majin and more. I only use footage from Tekken World Tour as this is the professional competition league. Twitch footage will rarely be used.

youtube video made by bigdaddyjende
#themixup #Tekken7 #TWT

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Tabish khan says:

only one game no two out of three🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

zaiwen3 says:

Now i understand why Chanel was rockin those surgical masks at tourneys.. he was growin a beard.

Jay Serevo says:

Tanukana orgasm @ 4:53 ☺️✌️

adib z says:

I thought kazumi is nerfed

Kashikoku No You Can't says:

Chanel, y u have to be so darn goodlookin

lovely kirit0 says:

was this tournament not doing sets? smh

sns 83 says:


Guilherme Yagami says:

Finally 1 japanese WIN

lordofbankai77 says:

Chanel won because his beard.

rotten apple says:

The final boss is still sitting on the corner, too soon for japanese crowd to celebrate yet

Taunt JetUpper says:

Chanel looks like young "wang"

krishna dhaksya says:

Omg ….i have been thinking that chanel is a girl …. because she … sorry he always wear mask while playing 😵😵😵😵😨

Black Hermit says:

Chanel may have lost, but at least he has a beard.

Ivan Heitz says:

Chanel with beard is going to destroy ass's this season, im telling you

Kyzer says:

When did Chanel get a beard? It looks good on him.

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