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A quick review of the purchases I made over the past 6 months from Chanel for my Girls and I. leave fun comments for new videos you would like to see!
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$8000 Chanel shopping spree! –

Coachella day 1 artist passes –

Coachella day 2-3 –

Stagecoach artist passes! –

Shopping with Nicolette –


Nicolette’s Social
snap: https://www.snapchat/add/graynicolette

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Cai A says:

Bag and designer collection next pls!!!

Delz R. says:

I love that wallet 🤗

Gabriela Fuentes says:

Love you video and I wish to win one for my sister because she is the best one love kk

Butterfly Star says:

Love you Nina from Tennessee your biggest fan ❤️🦋🎧📱

Alexis Atkins says:

Omg they're all such gorgeous pieces. I cant wait until I buy my first chanel one day 😍 love you nina, you look absolutely beautiful

jennnniferbui says:

Nina, you’re the sweetest ever! I love you xx

lupe castro says:

I hope one day I can afford a Chanel bag!!!!

Chelsea says:

Calfskin leather…..for a wallet or bag that’s “cute”….I’m not vegan or vegetarian but poor baby cow thats slaughtered for fashion. Sad 😢

Tyler chhangte says:

i wonder what you used to packed in all those bags when you go to a shopping spree.. i mean every time you go for a shopping, you always carry a lot of shopping bags in your video. but you have only like 5 or 6 pieces of chanel.. wonder is it just an empty shopping bag you used to carry when you go shopping for a video..

LIO SOL says:

What are you a sells associate lmao

Ansley Chan says:

Hey Nina! What song did you use in your intro? Please reply! Love you the most

Aubrey Phillips says:

Thanks for helping me out with those helpful tips!

Kumabear says:

People shouldn’t buy bags as investments. Chanel flaps will be considered granny bags again one day. I remember back in 2007 when authentic classic Chanel flaps could be bought on eBay all day long for under $300. I bought a lambskin classic flap for $110 back then. Most people just didn’t want them. I cringe when I hear people talk about bags as investments. Nobody wanted these Chanel flaps not too long ago. I can’t count how many classics I have purchased for under $300.

Ekaterina Szabo says:

La maestra Jimena 🙄🙄🙄

roger lopez says:

You should give away a Chanel feni pack. Omg I would love to win my first Chanel

Tiffany Billotte says:

Nina honey…can you speak up a little more in your videos…cuz it's a little hard to hear you! 😢

kitty nicole says:

I need to become a dentist in Beverly Hills 😵

Juliana Haddock says:

Is it Tuesday yet!? Dying for more videos

Just King says:

Blair should get her own channel

_saleennn_ says:

she's glowinggg & always has positive vibes I enjoy watching her videossss ! 🙂

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