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The making-of of the film directed by Jean-Paul Goude around the 4 CHANCE fragrances, including the new CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum.
Choreographed by RYAN HEFFINGTON

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k_Designer 98 says:

I love the song
What is it?

Nohemi Diaz says:

Como se llama la canción? Me encantó

Sergio Bou says:

I miss Sigrid Agren 🙁

李凯锋 says:

Jean-Paul makes the best

Natalie briceño says:

why you couldnt add sigrid agren or charlotte di calypso ??

Ronnie Smith says:

One of those girls looks so much like Sessilee Lopez

Barbara Mowrey says:

The African American girl that was not chosen looked older for some reason. A lot of shine and lines in her elongated face. She really stood out from the rest and I don't know why she was eliminated. The blond who was not chosen looked the same as the African American Girl with the same type of features. They looked older. It could have been their expressions. As a retired cosmetologist, I noticed that the blondes have very little eyebrows and the dark-haired women have Brooke Shields eyebrows, even today. Quite interesting. And of course the full lip. What happened to the Ann-Margret thin lip look? I guess it doesn't do well to sell lip products.

seiji iwaguro says:

Beautiful 🔥👏👏

David Campbell says:


Alan NGO says:

Wish Sigrid Agren was in the campaign also

chris toledo says:

This is way better than the actual 30 seconds comercial, you can't even see the girls you just hear a woman saying NO over and over again, it's so annoying

ELLE Polska says:

Beautiful backstage, like a documentary movie 💗

przebiśnieg śnieżyczka says:

Whot' this?

Boon Subhash says:

Who wants to be my wife for one day and change it around..

Mala Das Chakraborty says:


hui wang says:


Ricky Khor says:

how ist they don't hv a single. ounce of fat on them!!!???

Maria Rivas says:


bucket Sugar says:

They are all so gorgeous

eagles201218 says:

This has to be coolest video I've ever seen.

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