Celebs React To Gucci Racism (ft. T.I., Soulja Boy, Trouble & more)

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Celebs React To Gucci Racism (ft. T.I., Soulja Boy, Trouble & more)


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Janet mears says:

Apple Bottoms

alaric harris says:

4:02 only Gucci i fuck wit is Gucci man. Stop! Even if he still calls himself Gucci Man, because he only wears Gucci? see this is the hipocricy that destroyed hip hop and runs rampant in the rap community.

Parmjit Singh says:

This is real stop supporting these devilish brands and the people behind them with our money we make them big without us they nothing

Lamar Williams says:

Black face is really a black man just like floyd, dressing up in white mans clothes, acting a fool, and showing out for the white man. Cops do it. Most employees do it. Blacks still have to behave in a certain manner in america in order to be excepted. Hence, black exploitation, black face, and the stereotypical references that the black culture has emulated. Its worked for women and men. You are what you eat. Proud Americans.

Lamar Williams says:

Black face is a disease that some niggas cant get rid of. You have gucci, and main stream white america, along with the real black faces here to remind us that we have some real impersonators amongst us. Its part of the american culture. Black face is the real criminal. Its a socioeconomic status. Some blacks was raised off of black face. Some of our icons wear black face. Its in our values and culture. White man know a ball licken uncle tom better than we do. Thats why they smear it into our conscious mind to remind you of who you are. Still a nigga. No make-up. Build or destroy?

Curley Sam says:

Niggas with the money do stupid shit,wear black own shit….

james smith says:

I been saying this shit since Hilfiger, never bought any Gucci or any of the rest of that shit.

Lizzie Fields says:

Let's go back to long white tees

YAYA says:

SUTFU . motherfuckers buy those shit and be surprised when they show them they dont give a fuck about them but their money

Hatim Elouaqour says:

Gucci mane no more, just mane

Shakeena Smith says:

Waka is too right!!!!!

Amadou Barry says:

🤔I don't understand this guy why thanks?

Amadou Barry says:

I believe black is not crazy boy you know we fucking this guy's

Amadou Barry says:

I believe black is not crazy boy you know we fucking this guy's

Scott Adkins says:

Don’t get me started on GUCCI and Katy Perry concerning the whole “Blackface” Publicity act.

Katy Perry was saying with her Blackface shoes that Blacks are at her feet.

GUCCI Blackface exposes-
The white face is above the black mouth and the white mouth is purposely showing inside the black mouth,meaning that whites are above blacks and they speak through them as their masters.

African Americans have “The Right” to be angry. “WE” are angry to. Putting lips on the clothing humanized it and made the black color about race. That company was purposely being racist. They knew what they were doing. This is a Hate Crime. They publicly humiliated black people.This is a Constitutional matter,and because GUCCI and Katy Perry violated African Americans Civil Rights.ALL of America can be behind all colors of race.Bring Our Country together!

GUCCI and Katy Perry ,You have been served.


Desmond Jolo says:

Bet u guys weren’t be mad if it was making fun of white people 🤦‍♂️

JungleJuice 4 says:

Shidd da only folks who buying they expensive bs is the rappers who always flexing

a_k_b 2005 says:

I love that they put justin blu on here

Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley says:

She's the prettiest girl I bet she got set up be him by f**** Jokers

maria says:

Soulja boy I'm not wearing Gucci stuff.

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