Celebrity Interviews – Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture CHANEL show

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More on http://chanel-news.com/-Spring-Summer-2015-HC Interviews by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni View the full CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture fashion show at …

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StandByP says:

GD gave me a shock!! didn’t expect him there .LOL

utop ia says:

I feel like Kristen Stewart has always been afraid to talk about fashion
the way celebrities or fashion people do out of fear of being thought of as
dumb/silly, vain, materialistic, etc. but I’m finally getting the feeling
that she more comfortable with it now. She really talks about the clothing
now, and I hope she knows that doesn’t make her come across as dumb or
anything like that. She’s a wonderful girl with a beautiful face/figure, I
hope she feels comfortable embracing that without feeling embarrassed or

Jill says:

It’s funny how only the french guests were able to translate with clarity
the whole concept and feel of this show. I really connected with what Alma
Jodorowsky said.

The rest of em were like:
“I loved it…eh…”
“Can’t wait to wear it”
“I like the chiffon cape thingy and the hood”
“It was effortless and beautiful” (Effortless?! Did she even notice the
level of detail of each piece?)

I won’t even talk about G-Dragon

ludaborn says:

g dragon is disgusting 

В припрыжку says:

Какая красавица Кристен Стюарт!

pauvre petit chou says:

Why do some women still hate Kristen Stewart :(((

Casshat says:

I am in love with Kristen Stewart! She looks absolutely stunning.

LI - FI says:

G-Dragon and Gaspard Ulliel :)

GoddessGothicLolita says:

Who invited Kristen Stewart? She is the least fashionable person.

anna r says:

GD <3 now I just need to see the other iconic Korean fashion lover.. Choi

gloaurora says:

Isn’t Kristen such a doll? She looks FANTASTIC!!!! and happy and she is
just flawless, head to toe!
Mean comments about her are just getting old, she is such a fine, authentic
person, go Kristen! 

Zozo Mozo says:

Kristen Stewart is one of the actresses with the least amount of talent or
charisma ! Her face and character are so dull you could literally fall a
sleep looking at here! I don’t hate nor love her.. She is simply boring,
something a movie star should not be (If she is one!)

Enora Grouhel says:

GD, that sexy man *.* He isn’t crooked anymore x) <3

fizzyfoster says:

G DRAGON!!!!!!!!

America Stewart says:

I see negative comments towards Kristen, sorry, but if Karl’s considers his
Muse and if elected is for something. So…

tie makazie says:

GD baby,………

Rebek Atarihuana says:

GDragon!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!

sunnycali714 says:

The line is perfection it was like modernized version of thos frilly 50’s
dresses more color.attention to detail, and reinventing the silhouette♥♥♥♥♥

aims03 says:

I’ll never understand fashion, just here for g dragon <3

Dani Daniela says:

gaspard ulliel keeps getting better aha

jonnyfendi2003 says:

At least Rihanna wasn’t there.

toppytangy says:

GD! Baby baby haha I forgot he attended this 

Nadia Z says:

Gdragon! <3


OMG!! G-Dragon ♥♥ 

sofiabeatris says:

god i love hearing Jiyong talking!

Joanna Gummybear says:


Chingoosis 소리 says:

CHANEL i’m here for GD…^^…..

Apollo-milkchocolate says:

GD <3

Vicky Nguyen says:

Yes! Kristen Stewart and GD 

Anna Uemura says:

I love Kristen Stewart :)

mixx lu says:

G-Dragon’s Interview @ Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture Show 

ImDaIsh101 says:

Kristen is GORGEOUS 

Litzy Marie says:

Kristen James Stewart *-*

Alois Tracy says:

GD is wonderful

Rose Mary yami yugi says:

GD <3 

Scarlett Osorio says:

G DRAGON !!! <3

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