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RadSticker radiation monitor geting zapped by x-rays (subtract a “0” to get Rads) Rad Sticker
In the final TRS of all time, we award the Uber-Raddies and share the best game, movie, and TV show we’ve reviewed in the last 6 years.
RAD Sportz 2147 RAD Co pilot Pump
Drawing Christina Grimmie, The Voice — Rad Portraits with Beth Be Rad
BETH DRAWS RUPAUL!!!! After zillions of requests to draw RuPaul from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Beth creates a beautiful minimalistic drawing of the trailblazing drag queen!
Beth captures his striking looks perfectly with his personality in this episode of Rad Art. From Purple Rain to Kiss, Prince is immortalized as a music legend. Prince died too young and his music will [More]