Careers in Fashion: An Industry Overview

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You can have a fun, creative, fulfilling career in fashion without being a designer! There are a lot of roles within the fashion industry that need to be successfully filled to make the whole industry function! You can work in sales, PR, runway production, fashion magazine editorials, you can create ads, design lace and beading patterns, design unique leather textures, write think pieces and show reviews, there are literally hundreds of options.

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Jiminniepabo says:

What do fashion illustrators do?

Paula says:

Hi, I'm new to your chanel and I find it incredibly useful! Could you make a video on the fashion film area that you mentioned? Thank you, thank you, thank you! xx-

Winic Fernández Rubel says:

Where would small atéliers fit? I mean, the type where 1 person designs, sews, embellishes their own pieces, in other words, the 1 person business

Aleeza Hussain says:


Derpy Candy says:

Im so excited to start my company lmao

Nancy Casañas says:

Been watching ur videos and it really helps me a lot Ms. @Zoe Hong ❤❤❤❤

The Fashion Run-Up says:

A great overview of fashion industry jobs. It's funny you forgot to include fashion illustrators, but sometimes it's hard to see what is right under your nose! 😊 👃🏼

Lie Apollos Sibiya says:

What about trend setters

lou cabiltes says:

Thank you sooo much miss Zoe for these all inputs. It's really a big help to me.

Modernist.Aloha says:

Thank you for this diagram video of the whole fashion industry. This has helped me a lot. I graduated with my BA in fashion studies and was thinking of going into merchandising because I only thought of retail. Now, with all this information, I can see that I am geared towards marketing and fashion show production. I was also thinking of applying to FIT for their 1-year AAS fashion business management program to supplement my BA. My BA consisted more of fashion history + cultures and an overview of the fashion industry (manufacturing, production) in general, not specializing in merchandising or design, like most program do. So with this AAS from FIT, I will not only have business knowledge but also a fashion school name brand that will help with networking. What is your opinion, Zoe?

Dusty Dungarees says:

you have the coolest handwriting! man, been bingeing on your videos this past week… your content is GOLD!! doing all my research as I formulate my own fashion label!!

Solid_hippo says:

Thank you thank you! This is so amazing! Can u explain more about the production side in the fashion industry? I have a phone interview and would love to impress the employer since this is a career change! Thanks


missing product development and production/sourcing

Tiffany Jones says:

Love this!!!! I design but wanted to make sure it was room for me in the industry. This made me feel so much better !

evii says:

Can graphic designers literally do anything

Carmen B says:

Thanks for such a helpful video you helped me a lot! Which jobs/roles have the highest pay? It’s not my main concern but it’s certainly an important fact to keep in mind when deciding what I’m going to specialise in

Akriti Bhattarai says:

Your so called “sloppy handwriting”
Is NOT sloppy 🧐

Nambua Cassandra says:

Thank you for this video.I have learned alot …thank you so much.all the way from africa tanzania

Brock Williams says:


Алиса Котова says:

Amazing ! Thank you soooooo much!!

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