Cage – The Subtle Art Of The Breakup Song

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Cage – The Subtle Art Of The Breakup Song Live at Bowery Ballroom 6/17/06.

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Courtney Drill says:

@SeladoreUK he says the ‘k’ is burning a hole in his pocket… that’s
ketamine, bud.

tomono6666 says:

cage es la zorra

Lisa Garcia says:

Only boy’s penis I’d suck.

Chldrnfbdm4 says:

to who ever -‘d me “At sufficiently high doses of the drug ketamine, users
may experience the “K-hole”, a slang term for a state of dissociation the
effects of which may mimic the phenomenology of schizophrenia.”

Chldrnfbdm4 says:

man that looks like a LOT of fun

t3knology says:

the K is burnin a hole in my pocket

IllegalProductionz says:

well idk but i think The K refers to money. K= $1,000. burnin a whole in
his pocket meaning like he has a lot of money, or hes spendin to much money

shimeluchin says:

what does that mean , explain plz :)ž this is most beautiful song i ve
heard, and this life performance is beautiful i m not emo:)

Bluw Media says:

no he links both those meanings

thedude44963 says:

scream o much lol just by the album sounds better lol

dizzydenny says:

it refers to the drug Ketamine

xyop96 says:

that was sIcK

t3knology says:

The K is burnin a hole in my pocket. When something is burnin a hole in
someones pocket it means they really want to do it, like get it out of
there quick. And K means Ketamine (a dissociative). He wants to get high.

Chldrnfbdm4 says:

he also refers to the “k-hole” which is the same thing as having

SeladoreUK says:

yh “burning a hole in my pocket” means to spend lots of money on shit

Courtney Drill says:

leave her lifeless… don’t leave her like this…

DannyPhantom253 says:

thank u…. ive been tryna figure out what that meant 4 a while now

OuterLimits27 says:

dope dope dope your lucky i was suppose to see him at rock the bells this
saturday but i couldnt find a ride

IllegalProductionz says:

yah after i payed closer attention i figuered it out

passthebreadsauce says:

@IllegalProductionz Lmao dude, im pretty sure K refers to Ketamine, the
horse tranq. He was heavy into it for a while, hence the term K-Hole (a
reference to the trip you fall into when on K). “Im trying to climb back
into the K-hole and out of the car, but the K wont climb out of my nose and
back in the jar”

JuanGracida says:

fuck u cage haters

WarpedEwe says:

Not horse. Cat/dog/small animal. It’s bomb.

deezenutsbiatch says:

cage is dope as shit live. anybody who hasn’t seen him is definately
missing something. At a concert in philly he was chillin afterwards
watching bitches knock eachother out just for the fuck of it.

ThatGOONfromLA says:

I picked my face up with glass in it cant remember the last minute glove
box my girls faced mashed in it……. greatest line ever

deezenutsbiatch says:

“The k is burning a hole in my pocket”i interperated it as, hes spending a
lot of money on it.

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