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Shopping at the Temple Street Night Fake Blackmarket in Hong Kong! We go shopping for fake yeezys, off white nikes, balenciagas, gucci, louis vuitton and more designer brands.

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Linda Cross says:

Yes!! Love the markets!

1 1 says:

5:50 are you at least 6 feet 3 inches?

SSJ7575 says:

That Supreme wallet for $8 and you're like…."They can make a lot of it"???? Guarantee you aint get shit with $8 at Singapore lol

Christopher Moebus says:

More markets plz 🤙

Rafael Coutinho Padua says:

3:05 dat accent

Thom Kegel says:

'I don't love my girlfriend 180 dollars much'

I laughed so hard at that, please do another vid like this in Singapore.

Curtis Zo says:

Any plan come to Taiwan?

Chris says:

depending on wt u said the police shutting down some places and depending on which night u were there, some dude jumped off the carpark building, thats y the road is kinda closed, also temple street has high crime rate on the kowloon side

sketchi says:

the girl at 6:07 on the left should be your girlfriend

Christian Flucus says:

Tom the type of dude to were a hoddie at a funeral

Abbie Osborne says:

the sunglass dude was class 😂

Emiru No index says:

Singapore doubt so can compare to Hong Kong

H says:

Thats an interesting Portuguese league with real bayern munich, arsenal, Barcelona, atletico madrid etc.

James Chee says:

I never knew that they had the better yeezys in the back lol

Tom Bruce says:

These guys are Tools

Antonio Ricki says:

my man said champions league is the Portuguese league dkm

Dom RICHARDS says:

you would be my like best friend cause you go for the same teams i do in every sport

Rabarberellum 101 says:

Ringo Starr, that what Tom looked like with that glasses, haha

Carlos Lucero says:

"No I can only do 60 on that"

Ryan Tay says:

Yes do more videos of this. One more thing i am from singapore ,i hope that i could have the chance to meet you

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